Mark Kallenberger

Why is Jupiter the best?

Jupiter's atmosphere is very cold and mostly made up of hydrogen. Temperatures get as low as -128 degrees Celsius, but on the surface of Jupiter temperatures can rise to 30,000 degrees Celsius for those who love the warm weather! Also, the days are very short ( 9 hours and 50 minutes) and you only get 4 hours and 55 minutes of sun so there is really no time to do anything. Night time hours are also 4 hours and 55 minutes because Jupiter's tilt is only 3 degrees. There is also no water visible on the surface of Jupiter but there is water vapor in the clouds (a small amount). Jupiter Instead of having oceans of water it has seas of liquid metallic hydrogen. The seasons on Jupiter last 3 years and there are warm spot and freezing spots but the clouds on Jupiter are so thick that they do not reach the surface.

Good things to know about Jupiter

The sun has little effect on Jupiter (heat wise) because the planet is 483.8 million miles away from the sun. The weather on Jupiter is crazy. There are high winds that get up to 360 kph and the storms usually last for hundreds and hundreds of years which is great if you are a person who loves to storm watch! Jupiter is covered in clouds ammonia crystals which appear as bands of yellow, white, and brown. The lightening on Jupiter is many times more powerful than lightening strikes on Earth. The area of Jupiter with the worst weather is the Great Red Spot. Along with the cool weather, the amount of time it takes Jupiter to revolve around the sun is 12 years. That 12 years is equivalent to one year on Jupiter. Getting to Jupiter in our new Jupiter-craft, which goes 100 million mph, will take 4.84 hours. When arriving to our resort you will need to watch out for something, and no it is not the weather. You will need to watch out for the gravity because it is 2.4 times greater than that of gravity on Earth. If you're 150 pounds on Earth you will be 360 pounds on Jupiter.

Jupiter Spa and Resort

Our resort will provide you with an anti gravity suit, bed and breakfast, a pool and hot tub, TV, bathrooms, showers and soap too, memory foam beds, lighting for your room, and free oxygen everywhere you go! Our resort will not provide you with everything so here are 5 recommended things that you bring here.

  • money
  • swim suit
  • cell phone
  • necessities
  • lots of drinking water
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Fun things to do and fun facts!

Our resort has many fun things to and our workers will help with finding something to do. Here are some we recommend

  • Storm watching
  • metallic hydrogen boat ride
  • visit the Alien zoo
  • tour of the Great Red Spot
  • hover board racing
That was only 5 things to do out of the many we have for you. If you have never been to Jupiter before or would like to learn more, here are some fun facts!

  • Jupiter is 2 and a half times bigger than all of the plants combined
  • There are 67 moons!
  • Jupiter is the 4th brightest object in the solar system
  • Jupiter's size is equivalent to 318 earths
  • the rotation speed on Jupiter slightly flattens it out making it an oblate shape

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Pit Falls

There are many great things about Jupiter but unfortunately, there are some not so great things about the planet. First off, everything outside of the resort costs a lot of money. Second, the atmosphere is nothing we can survive in so wearing a mask the whole time (besides being in the hotel) is mandatory. Finally, the trip is a very expensive one, more expensive than a vacation in a foreign country, and is not for everyone.


June 5, 2030
This resort was amazing! Me and my family had the time of our lives and recommend it to anyone who can afford it. The hotel provides pretty much everything you need out there, and there is lots of room in the hotel for fun. I will definitely come back next summer!

June 21, 2030
My husband and I went here on our honeymoon and had a blast! The resort workers take great care of their hotel and do a good job of making sure the guests are happy. Also, the tour of the Great Red Spot was the coolest thing I have ever seen! I will be coming back to Jupiter for another visit to the fantastic spa and resort.