Killer Whale

Life of a Killer Whale


  • The eastern North Pacific resident killer whale prefers Chinook salmon.
  • Killer whales in bigger pods feeds on big variety of fish.
  • The estimated number of species consumed by orcas is around 140.
  • They mostly eat marine animals.
  • Killer Whales have a very diverse diet.

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  • They search for food as a group.
  • A male holds his head above water to view his surroundings.
  • Males almost always mate with females from other pods.
  • Large pods of whales hunt for groups of fish and smaller pods hunt for marine animals.
  • They only make themselves visible when they are at surface.


  • Male killer whales are 23 feet long and females are 21 feet long.
  • The largest recorded whale was 9.8m (32ft.) in length and 22,000lb pounds.
  • KIller Whales are the largests dolphin group.
  • Killer Whales are black and white
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  • Adult killer whales give birth give birth to a single baby.
  • The start breeding 14-15 years of age.
  • Babies nurse for about 1 year
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  • Offshore killer whales range from the Bering sea to Southern California.
  • Killer Whales prefer cold ocean waters.
  • It's rare but a killer whale has been seen in fresh water rivers around the world such as the Rhine and others.
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