Newnan Crossing 5th Grade

Georgia Milestones Testing

How can I help my child study for the test?

Here are our favorite websites:

The Official Study Guide:

The Ultimate in Math Practice (and now Coweta has access to the ELA, Science, and SS practice skills as well!): Use lunch number for user and PW


Other Sites to Try:

Math Help Videos: Create a FREE account. This help site is great for any age student!

Math Games for Basic Skills:

Math and Reading Practice:

All Subjects: - (enter lunch number for user and PW) (This was created as a CRCT practice site, but the basic skills are still applicable.) - Moby Max


Jeopardy Games for content practice - PageType=6&SiteID=907&SearchString=jeopardy Review 1 - Review 2

Social Studies: - Civil War Review - All Social Studies Topics - WWII and Cold War

Language: Grammar Practice Dictionary Practice -Punctuation Practice - Parts of Speech - Parts of Speech

Writing Paragraphs:

Common Core Performance Coach from Triumph Learning is what we are using in class as a resource to help prepare the students for the ELA and the Math tests. The Crosswalk Coach is also a good one. You can access a sample online by going to their website.


Could the book my child wants to read be too difficult for my child? The five-finger test is a quick way to assess the difficulty of a book. Have your child read a page of the book, and if your child has difficulty pronouncing or understanding 5 words off of that page, most likely the text is too difficult. Although reading a challenging text is good for most students, if the student is unable to read and understand the text it defeats the purpose. Fluency and comprehension will improve when children read books that are the right fit for them.

Let us know how we can help you!

Georgia Milestones Test Schedule for 2016

April 18th - ELA

April 19th - ELA Writing

April 20 - Make Ups/ Review for Upcoming Tests

April 21 - Math

April 22 & 25 - Make Ups/ Review for Upcoming Tests

April 26 - Science

April 27 - Social Studies

April 28 - Make Ups / Mini Celebration

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