School Improvement Plans

Inspiration for Student Success

Success by Chance, or Success by Design?

For a moment, reflect on your school. Your daily routine/schedule. The teachers in the building. And, finally, the students. Think specifically of the placement of students. Are your students successful by chance? The chance that they landed in the classroom with the known "good" teacher. Or, are they successful by design? A design that is intentionally and systematically constructed so that every student can be successful in your school, in whichever classroom they end up in, every day? Be honest. If in your reflection, there is a chance that a student may end up with the known "bad" teacher, and therefore, not having the opportunity for success, isn't it time to implement success by design?

The Three R's: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships

"Relevance makes rigor possible." -Dr. Bill Daggett

No excuses; no exceptions.

Four Guiding Principles: Focusing your Goals and Objectives

1. Empower a team of Teachers

2. Focus on Literacy - No exceptions!

3. Implement a plan with fidelity

4. Monitor like crazy

Implementation of Success by Design!

Thursday, Aug. 22nd 2013 at 7am

Every School in Nye County

Today will be the first day of school for teachers as they return from a summer of relaxation. It is today that we will implement our plans to focus on one specific goal that will help our students to become the most successful versions of themselves. It is today that we will focus on the students in the building, and it is the day that we open our school improvement plans, share them with the staff, and embrace them with fidelity.

What's next?

For years, school improvement plans have been written, staff has been trained, the school year begins and the plans seem to fall to the side as the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day operations take over. This year, it is our hope that we can focus our energy to create a plan that will help to increase success for all students at each school. For this to be possible, the four guiding principles above will have to be a focal point, while a key group of people, ready for change, relentlessly strive to create a school of success by design, rather than a school by chance. Are you ready?

Action Steps are Key!

It's Not Going to be Easy, but Definitely Worth It!