iPads In The Classroom

By: Mary Ostrander

Technology Today

This article discusses how technology is being implemented in almost every school today. It tells about what changes are being made, and what is staying the same. There are many challenges for some schools when attempting to implement technology, but here in the US we are moving fast and showing great progress.


1-to-1 In The Classroom

This article tells about the drive for more schools to have 1-to-1 computer based learning. This means that each student would be assigned their personal tablet, iPad, or laptop to use throughout the school year. This can be very beneficial to students by not having to carry large heavy text books to and from school, but could present challenges at home if internet access is not available. Click the link below to read more.

Creating a Digital Culture

Public Schools in St. Paul, MN

This is a webpage like to the school system that my great grandmother worked at. When she worked there, there was only one classroom, and she was the only teacher for children of all ages/grades. I can only imagine what she would say if she was alive to see how much has changed for the better. This page offers an inside view for you to look at what a school system using iPads may offer as support and education to the parents at home, as well as for the students and teachers.


Engaging with iPads

Students are engaged more with iPads than traditional textbooks according to many studies. The important thing for both the teachers and the parents to focus on, is what apps are being used, and how they will benefit the child's learning. Some apps are labeled as educational, but may not be grade level appropriate. The students must also be able to take what they learn on the iPads and implement it into their traditional assessments.

iPads in the Classroom

iPads Can Be Used To Link QR Codes

In the video above, he man spoke about using QR codes in his class. When I was in school, text messaging was just beginning to become popular, and the internet was not accessible on cellular phones. I wish that my teachers were able to display a QR code on the board, to engage me as I walked into the room as a beginning task. This would have saved so much wasted time as I waited on my classmates to slowly enter the room, before my teacher could begin lessons. The link below is one to a QR reader app. I love it!
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Accessability For Students With Dissabilities

This is a link to the apple webpage that explains some other beneficial features of the iPad for students with special needs.

The modern iPads have amazing capabilities to accommodate students who are visually impaired. I myself am visually impaired, as well as my youngest son, whi is 4 years old. My son uses an iPad everyday in his preschool classroom. The screen can be magnified, and there is even a feature that allows the iPad to read aloud everything that is displayed on the screen. Below I will attach a YouTube video of some ways that the iPad can be helpful to students with low vision.
Accommodation Visually Impaired Student with Ipad