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Gold is a metal that is both malleable and ductile. The most common compounds of gold are auric chloride (AuCl3) and chlorauric (HAuCl4). The symbol for gold is Au. Gold contains 79 protons and 118 neutrons. The atomic mass is 197 and the atomic number is 79. The melting point of gold is 1,337.33 K while the boiling point is 3,129 K. Gold can mostly be found on any continent of the earth. Gold can also be found in sea water and in the human body. Gold can be used for many things such as; coins, jewelry, medicine, eaten for health benefits, dentistry, and technology. Gold metal reacts with Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine. Gold also dissolves in a mixture called aqua regia. This element is not very reactive. The isotope of gold isotope 198 is used for treating cancer.

Gerold's Adventure

Once upon a time there was a gold coin, named Gerold. He was very shiny and belonged to a man named Jim. Gerold had been with Jim for a very long time, about seven years. Jim had taken very good care of Gerold for the many years he had had him. Jim kept Gerold in a coffee can filled with thousands of other coins. The coffee can was kept in a cabinet beside the fridge.

Gerold had met many other coins that had come and gone. He never got to know them very well because they where never there for more than a day usually. Gerold had learned not to grow attached to anyone he had met because of this. A daily thought that had always crossed Gerold's mind was, "How come I have never gotten the chance to be chosen and been able to leave this can?" Even though he was sad he had never gotten to leave, Gerold was also happy because he was scared about what would be outside of the coffee can he had been living in.

One sunny day, Jim reached into the coffee can and grabbed three handfuls of coins. Gerold was terrified when he had ended up in the hands of a man. Jim put all the change he had grabbed into his pocket and went to walk around town. Gerold was nervous and did not understand why he could not stay in one place. Then he realized he was moving and he was finally out of the coffee can for good. Jim went into a small store and took out all of the coins that were in his pocket. Gerold sat there, face up just starring at the ceiling of a place he did not recognize. A man handed Jim money and took away Gerold and the other coins. Gerold was then placed in a display case where he could sometime soon begin his new adventure in a new place.