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Dare to be Different!

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Blog: A Tear

Just a quick thought....

I deal with a lot of students who just don't seem to care. I address them in the hallway, they shrug their shoulders. I say something to them in the cafeteria, and it takes several requests before the action I wanted to occur gets done. This is a small percentage of kids but it is frustrating.

When those same kids get to my office and we walk through the situation, it is almost a guarantee that they will tear up. I always find myself thinking: "they do care. They wouldn't tear up if they didn't." So what can I do? What can I do to take that motivation that is deep down inside them and have it rise to the top and result in outward action? How do I respond differently to a student in the privacy of my office versus in a public space like the hallway or cafeteria?

Because, ultimately, If they didn't care they wouldn't cry.

Cross Country

I had a chance to attend the Cross Country 3-Way meet at West on Wednesday. Coach Samuels and Talhlem do a great job. It is no wonder why so many kids want to run cross country. They are successful, and have fun doing it. Great job guys!

Below are several of the photos I took (I actually took almost 300). The rest of the photos can be found on the East Facebook page.

Evaluations: Goal and Growth

Goal and Growth information will need to be entered into PIVOT by TODAY. Information on goal and growth plans can be found in the Teacher Evaluation Handbook on pages 11-14. Our building goals remain 90% ISTEP and less than 10% D-F rate.

Still stuck? You can schedule me to come to your room during PREP on any day to assist. Just click on the Calendly link below and pick a meeting time. After you submit we will both be sent Outlook invites.

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Some folks have asked what our overall goal is for Canvas this year. I have included the district SMART goals for Canvas below. With any new innovation there will always be a little bit of "implementation anxiety." That is okay. Let me help you. Let Mark help you. Let you colleagues help you. We will get this done together.
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MAC Grant

Congrats to Ms. Streit on her MAC Grant! This was from last year's grant cycle, ans she plans on making an actual periodic table with the elements!
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Homework Document

Thanks for your efforts on the homework document. Your department leaders will be following up with you to ensure that this tool is available EVERY night for our parents. We want them to be responsible for their child's learning. Let's give them the tools!

Here is the link to next week:

Counselors Corner

Kyle McClarnon

All 6th Grade

7th Grade Last Name A-M

Sarah Ready

All 8th Grade

7th Grade Last Name N-Z

Counselor Sign Up Process

Counselor Request Forms are now 100% electronic. Students can sign up to speak with a counselor from any device that has internet access. Chromebooks are set up in the office for students to make a request. Teachers: you can save this link on your computer or ipad, and students can sign up directly from your room! As always, if a student is in crisis they will be seen by a counselor immediately.

Child Abuse & Duty to Report

An individual who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of abuse or neglect shall make a report to DCS or local law enforcement immediately. This applies to every staff member in the building. Please review the Child Abuse & Duty to Report information by clicking here.

High Ability Identification Process

The high ability identification process is outlined here. This process applies to current 6th and 7th grade students; with placement decisions for the 18-19 school year. Recommendations can be made from now until January 12th. If you have questions, please see Kyle or Sarah.

21st Century Scholars at Parent Teacher Conferences

There will be a representative from 21st Century Scholars with us on the evening of Parent Teacher Conferences, from 2:30pm-5:30pm. This is a great opportunity for parents of our 7th and 8th graders to get signed up for the program! As you contact parents about conferences, please let them know about this wonderful opportunity in Computer Lab 605! Here is a list of items parents will need to get enrolled in 21st Century Scholars.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Sep. 7th, 2pm

10440 Indian Creek Road South

Indianapolis, IN

Back to School Jam (6th and 7th)

Friday, Sep. 8th, 6pm

10440 Indian Creek Road South

Indianapolis, IN

Building Discussion

Tuesday, Sep. 5th, 2:30pm

10440 Indian Creek Road South

Indianapolis, IN