West Weekly Update

Volume 12, Issue 2, 8/22/21

From the desk of Mr. Jolliffe

Staff we are seeing an increase in student and staff positive cases. This requires us to have solid systems in place to conduct contact tracing. Accurate seating charts are required. Documenting masks or no masks is another key documentation piece. I suggest you make copies of your seating chart and document right on those sheets. Utilizing all safety precautions is important to keeping our school as safe as possible. Please spray student’s hands as they enter your room and spray down your desks after they leave. If you need more supplies let Billy McPherson know ASAP.

We are currently daily testing 40+ staff/students in the morning. This will be pushing 100 by the middle of the week. As we enter our third week we could see a large jump in cases and that is why I encourage you to wear your mask and follow all safety protocols. The district will be coming out with new protocols that will start after Labor Day for those students that are quarantined. There will be a financial bump for each teacher that is supporting students that are quarantined at home. As of now please work with your students using past systems to get them the work they missed.

Preparing for subs. Please do not leave activities that subs have to utilize a computer for. We had several situations last week were computers were left for subs to use but they could not log on to the computers. If your kids have computers and you want them to do an activity then let the sub know in writing what you want completed. Sub folders are required to be current and active!!! Make sure you have a SIMPLE emergency lesson plan for when you may unexpectedly be gone. This is your responsibility and a part of your contractual duties.

I can’t say it enough. Identify the key content you wish to cover and do a great job covering a smaller amount of content. You will feel more success and your students will also become more confident in the material. As a content team please work to identify what these key standards are and work together to build your common assessments. Once you have your common assessments you will then know what you expect your students to be able to master.

Week three will be the toughest week yet as you begin to dive into content. Make sure you go in small chunks and ensure the learning is relevant. You still need to continue to build relationships through your activities. Most of our kids haven’t spent 80 continuous minutes on much other than their phones the last 18 months. Plus, their phones change topics every 10-20 seconds. Hard to compete with that but something we should be aware of as we teach.

Have a great week!

Relationships, relationships, relationships…..Pioneers lead the way!!! - Mr. Jolliffe



Monday, August 23rd, we will have an Activity Schedule due to the Activities Fair happening during Academy Time. This means Academy Time will be at the end of the day.

THE DETAILS: Students will be grouped by Academy and rotate through 4 locations to view different clubs/organizations/sports we have here at West. Students will have only 8 MINUTES at each location and 2 minutes to travel to the next location.

  • LIBRARY - BCA start here.
  • Exit out the front of the library, keep right in the hall and proceed to the cafeteria.
  • CAFETERIA - FACA start here.

    •Exit out doors near the main office, keep right in the hall and proceed to the small gym

  • SMALL GYM - CAPE start here.

    •Exit right and go down J hall to the Big Gym.

  • BIG GYM - HSHS start here.

    •Exit and travel down L and M halls. Enter the Library through the side door.

ACADEMY TIME TEACHERS: On Monday, take attendance and then immediately head to your first location. Please travel with your students to each location and spread out to monitor students. If a student wishes to not participate you may send them to the auditorium to be with Christina Osborne and Cara Holliman.

ADMINS: Please travel with your Academy and direct them when it is time to rotate to a new location.

MR. JOLLIFFE AND SECURITY: Please be in the hallway to monitor hallway traffic.


Academy Time Activities

Refer to calendar:


Academy Time 2021-22 - OneDrive (sharepoint.com)

  1. Are you on track to graduate?
  2. What classes do you need to graduate?
  3. What academy strand did you complete?
  4. \What if your GPA?
  5. YOU will be college and career ready!


West High Wellness Initiative

Check out all the information in the Teams Channel

If you are interested in offering your talents, please email Sross2@usd259.net

Let’s work together!


Events at West

Activities Fair

Monday, Aug. 23rd, 2:30pm

Cafeteria, Main Gym, Small Gym & Library

Starting locations:



After School Learning Center

Monday, Aug. 23rd, 3:15-5pm






Esports Meeting

Monday, Aug. 23rd, 3:30-4:30pm


Flag Team Tryouts

Monday, Aug. 23rd, 3:30-5pm

Small Gym

Monday - Friday

COVID Vaccine Clinic

Wednesday, Aug. 25th, 5-8pm

Wrestling Room

Tennis vs North

Thursday, Aug. 26th, 4pm

West High Tennis Courts

Volleyball Tournament at Peabody

Saturday, Aug. 28th, 8am

810 North Sycamore Street

Peabody, KS

Marching Band Rehearsal

Saturday, Aug. 28th, 9am-12pm

West High Football Field


Around West


West High Pioneer Booster Club

Our Booster Club has the following t-shirts and hoodies available. Please contact Mrs. Ramsey or Mr. Wanger if you are interested in any of these items.


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