The Civil Battle

Meseret Borlase

The Battle of the Fort Sumter

When the South Carolina had seceded from the Union on December 20,1860, the United States Maj. Robert Anderson and his force of 85 soldiers, and also they wore positioned at the mouth of Charleston Harbor. Anderson moved his command to Fort Sumter, and has imposing fortification in the Middle of the Harbor. The Union has 80 soldiers and Confederate has 500 soldiers, the Union~ Killed 0, Wounded 0, Missing and captured 0. The Confederate~ Killed 0, Wounded 0, and Missing and Captured 0.

The Battle of the Antietam

Joseph Hooker’s Union corps mounted a powerful assault on Lee’s left flank that had began the Battle of Antietam, and the singled bloodiest day in American Military, and also Maj. General Ambrose Burnside’s corps pushed across the bullet strew stone brig over the Antietam Creek Battle and difficulty to imperil the Confederate rights. Lee had committed his entire force at the Battle of Antietam while the McClellan sent in less than 3 quarters of his Federal force. And than when the Battle of Antietam was considered a drawing from the Military points of view than Abraham Lincoln and the Union claimed the “Victory”. And this battle was really rough and hard fought battle because everything was really crazy those days they wore just trying to committed to force, and trying to be bigger than the other person, but they both have conflict about the Battle of Antietam, but Abraham Lincoln won the Victory, and also the Battle was a drawings of the Antietam.


For many rough fought month the Ulysses S. Grant and his Army of the Tennessee had been trying to wrest away the strategic of Confederate the River Fortress of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Vicksburg at Bruinsburg, the Mississippi, Grant’s forces moved the rapidly inland, pushing back the threat posed by Joseph E. Johnston’s forces near the Jackson. And he was rear and clear, Grant again turned his sights on Vicksburg. The victories wore won by Union and at the Champion Hill and Big Black Bridge and Pemberton’s forces and leaving the Confederate chief not alternative but to retreat to Vicksburg defenses, and the Confederacy was soilted in half which made a significant victory for the Unions.


Astounding Victory at the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Virginia , in May 1863, Robert E. Lee led his Army to Northern Virginia in its second invasion of the North the Gettysburg Campaign. And also the Union defended a fishhook shaped range of hills and rights the South of the Gettysburg about 90,000 soldiers, and the confederates wrapped around the Unions position with 70,000 soldiers, even though the Confederate has gained ground, and the Union to defend and held strong positions by the end of the days. And also the Union’s had 17500 and Confederate’s had 23000 soldiers were killed during the three days of the Gettysburg battle.

Sherman's March to the Sea

William T. Sherman has led 60,000 soldiers and on a 285 miles marching from the Atlanta to Savannah, and the purpose of this is Sherman’s March to the Sea was to frighten Gerogia’s Civilian populations into abandoning the Confederate causes.

Fort Fisher

After the failure of his December expedition against the Battle of Fort Fisher, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler was relieved of commanded and Alfred Terry was placed in command of Provisional Corps and also including the Paine’s Division of the US Colored Troops, and had supported by the Naval Force of 60 vessels.The Valiant had attacked late in the afternoon, following the bloody replies of a naval landing party carried the parapet.

The Battle of Appomattox Court House

The Appomattox Court House 9,000 men under the Gordon and Fitzhugh Lee deployed in the fields West of the village. Appomattox Station and there was the foods supplies waiting and the Confederates were cut off once and they wore surrounded by the Unions troops near the small village.The Union has generally met him in a mud splattered and crumpled Uniform.