(MAEIA) MI Arts Education

Instruction & Assessment Briefing: 2015-16 Field-testing

In collaboration with the Michigan Assessment Consortium, The Genesee Intermediate School District will serve as one of several statewide hosts for the MAEIA Briefing.

This briefing will equip participants to select, and prepare to use arts performance assessments. Performance assessment asks students to apply their knowledge and skills in creating some form of product, presentation or demonstration. Arts performance assessments engage students in creating work, responding to others’ work and performing. These measures are built around MI Arts Standards and informed by recently revised National Arts Standards. To learn more about the MAEIA project go to http://mi-arts.wikispaces.com

Those interested in participating must be accepted to field test. Click here to provide your information and sign-off.

(MAEIA) MI Arts Education Instruction and Assessment Briefing for 2015-16 Field-testing

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 9:30am-3:30pm

2413 West Maple Avenue

Flint, MI

Participants will:

• Become familiar with the resources developed through the MAEIA project.

• Review the Catalogue of Inventory available for dance, theatre, visual arts and music

• Select a limited number of assessments to “try out” during the 2015-15 academic year

• Review administration guidelines and where latitude exists to customize/modify/adapt these measures

• Review the scoring tools that accompany the assessments

• Understand the ways in which the results can be used, and caveats, including use as part of educator evaluation and classroom grading.


K-8 Arts Educators, (Classroom Teachers wishing to use Theatre assessments in Literacy Block, PE teachers wishing to use Dance assessments in the physical education program), Assessment Coordinators/Consultants, Fine Arts District Coordinators.


Registration is covered by the project – teachers must pre-register and be accepted to field test – principal sign off and teacher sign off is required. Click here to participate.

5 SCECH available

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