spelling homework

Gracie Walker 22 4-22-15

Synonym 10pts.

  1. autobiography- life story
  2. autograph- signature
  3. biography- life history
  4. calligraphy- handwriting
  5. choreograph- graceful
  6. describe- report
  7. description- letter
  8. descriptive- graphic
  9. graphics-descriptive
  10. inscription- legend

What if statements 15pts

  1. what if i don't get a autograph?
  2. what if they tell me my paragraph is terrible?
  3. what if i describe the wrong person?
  4. what if my description is not clear?
  5. what if i did not do the autograph right and they get made at me?
  6. what if they say my calligraphy is to sloppy?
  7. what if they don't think i am choreography?
  8. what if my graphics are not enough?
  9. what if the inscription story is not true?
  10. what if my descriptive drawings are not enough?