Battuta's Trip to China

By:Kiara Bond

Interesting Facts

1. Malay rulers encouraged Muslim traders to settle in their ports and bring the advantages of a strong trading economy.

2. There was a famous holy man who could perform miracles and foretell the future that lived to be 150.

3. The rulers of all of China were the powerful descendants Genghis Khan and the Mongol dynasty.

4. Muslims that lived in China built them a little neighborhood with mosques, hospitals, bazaars, and even conducted trade.

What did Battuta think of China? What did he do there?

1. He said the city of Chittagong was filled with food, but smelled bad-"a hell crammed with good things"

2. He said everything was cheap including slaves.

3. While he was there he looked for the famous holy man, who could perform miracles and foretell the future.

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