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With a camera in her hand as she can remember, Carmen Polanco has been documenting her life. Her grandpa gave her her very first camera, which was a simple automated point-and-shoot model. Her family was overjoyed and eager to pose for her; they struck stances that made the images seem genuine, they happily posed for birthday shots, and they struck every other possible pose! Polanco's encouragement from her family was essential in her decision to pursue photography.

Planning vacations to national parks on the East Coast was a summer tradition for the Polanco home.. Carmen would be eternally thankful for these travels since they not only brought the family closer together, but they also instilled in Carmen a passion for wildlife photography that she would never forget. Carmen recalls these family vacations to Acadia National Park and Biscayne National Park with affection.

Photographing the Atlantic coast, from Acadia National Park to the mangroves of Biscayne National Park and the wetlands of Everglades National Park, has been a life-changing experience for Carmen, who recalls it as one of her favorite memories from childhood.

Carmen has taken it upon herself to provide her children with the same experiences that she had as a youngster, following in the footsteps of her parents. She wants them to fall in love with nature as much as she did, which is why family vacations to national parks have become a tradition in her own household. It was decided that their tours would take them to national parks on the West Coast this time around.

So far, she has brought her family to many national parks, including Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Redwood National Park, and the Grand Canyon.

This summer, they're planning a vacation to Utah's Mighty 5 national parks, which are located across the state.

During her blog posts, Carmen Polanco elaborates on her childhood excursions to national parks, in addition to her more recent family vacations to national parks and other destinations. To learn more about her photographic exploits in these parks, you are encouraged to visit the website linked above.


30 Ideas to Get Your Photo Theme Project Started

According to Carmen Polanco, there are numerous methods for initiating a picture theme project. You can, for example, choose a theme based on a color or recurring pattern. This eliminates the need to continuously generate fresh ideas and forces you to focus exclusively on photographing fascinating subjects. Additionally, this will help you save time and effort. If you're having difficulty coming up with an original idea, consider one of the following 30 suggestions to jump-start your photo theme project.

Symmetry is a critical component of every photography effort. Nature, architecture, and human beings all exhibit symmetry. Even the tiniest elements can result in an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical photograph. Another technique for directing your focus is bokeh photography, which is described as softening the out-of-focus portion of an image. You'll need a fast lens or a wide-open aperture to generate bokeh.

For a more difficult photo theme, consider photographing a phrase in action with a mobile camera. This can assist you in developing an understanding of framing and composition. A themed photo project can aid in the development of your photographic abilities. You can concentrate on one talent at a time and then move on to another. This way, you won't be tied to a theme indefinitely. If you have the time and perseverance, you can continue practicing your abilities in your leisure time on a different subject.

Carmen Polanco explains, when you're ready to embark on a picture theme project, consider beginning with something straightforward and unique. A excellent project will be enjoyable and will keep you engaged in photography. The easiest approach to get started on a photo theme project is to choose a subject that is personal to you. A photography blog can be a terrific source of inspiration. And a good blog is an excellent resource for gaining a fresh perspective on your subject.

Additionally, you can create a photo theme by capturing objects that all begin with the same letter. For instance, you can snap a series of photographs of objects that begin with a specific letter or create a collage of items that resemble that letter. After compiling your images, you can begin your project with a more broad subject. You can incorporate a word or phrase into your photograph, or simply use your own words to convey your message.

A photographic theme might be anything related to a particular subject. For instance, you may shoot a different building each day, concentrating on the interior. You can use the superimpose software to include a shot of trees into another image. Adding a theme will assist you in comprehending the many sorts of light. It's an excellent source of inspiration. There are an infinite number of ways to begin a picture theme project.

A picture theme might be an excellent approach to kick off a photography project. A photo theme can be anything as straightforward as a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are usually enjoyable, since they allow you to attempt to catch the subtleties of the situation. The photographs you take should be pertinent to the subject you're researching. Along with the topic, the images must all be of comparable quality.

Carmen Polanco says, there are plenty additional themes available. For instance, you could concentrate on athletics. A theme can also be a physical location. If you're photographing a structure, consider utilizing a landscape-oriented camera. Utilize a different camera or a new location to create a more focused photo theme. If you're creating a photo album, consider photographing your city. By adhering to these guidelines, you can produce an inspiring and meaningful project.

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