by: Austin Huffman


Argentina is in South America below the USA. They have a lot of mountains and full of grassland. South America is a continent full of country's.


Traditions are some acts that have been handed down that you do for a long time like Christmas time. They speak Spanish there but in the USA they do not. The food that they eat is Dulce de Leche and that is very high in protein. They make the food out of bread, honey and cinnamon and it is great. People there drink sparkly diet wine and lunch is the biggest meal of the day there. In Argentina a famos dance that they do there is called the Tango this dance needs two people a boy and a girl and it is fun to watch. When you say hi to someone you kiss them on the cheek one time and when you say good-bye you kiss them on the cheek two times.


Climate is a average weather pattern over a certain time period for a region. Argentina has hot and dry Summers in the North. In the South they have cold and wet Winters. They have four seasons and they are Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. There season time is different than the USA's because when the USA has Summer they have Winter and when the USA has Spring they have Fall.

Argentina is a big Country and it has lots of customs.