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February 2020

Dear SVDP Community,

STAR assessments provide teachers with data to guide their instruction and pinpoint areas of growth for our students. STAR assessments are administered four times a year and we just closed our February window. Here are the results: 86% of our students are meeting or exceeding the archdiocesan benchmark for math and 73% of our students are meeting or exceeding the archdiocesan benchmark for reading.

In comparing our scores from September, there was a 18% increase of students scoring in the top quartile for math and a 12% increase of students scoring in the top quartile for reading.

On Friday afternoon, a copy of February Renaissance STAR Benchmark assessment scores will be sent home with students in grades 2-8. Please keep these documents for your personal reference.

We look forward to reporting on the academic growth that our students achieve throughout the school year.


Blazers & Baubles 2020

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Tickets on sale soon!


Seismic Retrofit and Facilities Upgrade

We are planning to start construction in June 2021. The scope of work will include relocating the front door of the school to Green Street to create a secure entrance, infill under the Middle School building with a new Administration office area, construction of a circulation "knuckle" that would provide interior circulation between the Middle School and Lower School buildings, and provide an elevator for accessibility to all levels.

We submitted our Conditional Use Authorization (CUA) permit for all four phases of the project in March 2019. We are in the process of completing work in respect of their plan, we expect the project to be presented to the Planning Commission and approved. We will also be submitting a Site Permit in the next few weeks which will be the first part of the Building Permit submittal for the first phase of the project.

We went through an extensive RFQ and interview process and have hired Mack5 as our Construction Manager for the project. They will be providing pre-construction services related to the budget and schedule for the project.

We have obtained two cost estimates for all phases of the project based on the Ratcliff Architect's 100% Preliminary Design submittal. We have retained our Construction Manager, Mack5, to complete an independent cost estimate. The Mack5 estimate is complete and came in higher than our original anticipated budget which was prepared by Ratcliff Architects.

We are in the final stages of a process of "Value Engineering" which will generate a list of options that we might be able to remove from the project and "fine tune" the project.

We are anticipating a June 2021 start date for construction. In a few months, we will commence the RFQ process for contractor selection.

The Phase 1 construction duration will be approximately one school year, plus the summer of 2021 and the summer of 2022. We are investigating options for possible relocating the entire school off-campus for the one school year of construction.


SVDP Reads! Book Study

Join the SVDP Community in reading 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do: Raising Self-Assured Children and Training Their Brains for a Life of Happiness and Success by Amy Morin.
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