SOAR Palmdale Updates


Principal's Message

At SOAR High School, we continue to endeavor to develop students who are self-directed learners, open minded thinkers and problem solvers, active communicators, and respectful citizens. Our students, families, faculty, and staff continue to reflect these pillars as we encounter unexpected challenges. Thank you for your patience, partnership, flexibility and the grace that you continue to give us. It is my sincerest pleasure to serve this community and work alongside you.

I would like to encourage you to get involved! If you're interested in volunteering or participating on our School Site Council, please reach out to me at Ballots for School Site Council will be sent out with next week's Update.

If you want to stay current with what's happening on SOAR High School's campus, follow us on Instagram @soarhsprincipal or @soarhighschool

With Gratitude,

Wendi Johnston


Things You Might Like to Know...

As an AVC student, you have access to the AVC Learning Center. Here's the information:

AVC Learning Center!

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 7:00pm | Friday 8:00am - 11:30am

Need some extra help or want to reinforce what you learned in class? Our academic support services are available across all disciplines. Let us help you make the semester a success!

We are open at both campuses (Palmdale Online ONLY) and online via Zoom, Canvas & now you can connect with us on the NEW myAVC!

We offer:

  • Live Online Front-Counter Access on Zoom
  • Small Group & Individual Drop-in Tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Tutoring Appointments
  • Faculty- Led Math, Reading, Writing & Study Skills Workshops
  • Open Computer Lab
  • Study Space
  • For Check-out: Laptop/Media/Textbook & Study Supplies

To access our online services:


For more information email us at

Student Illnesses

If you're feeling unwell, please DO NOT report to school. A parent/guardian should report the absence to Ana Castro at for SOAR HS. Students must report the absence to their AVC college professor as well to avoid being dropped from the class.

On days when your college class is being held, students should be completing the COVID self screeing through the myAVC portal (

Note: While you may continue to receive notice of postive cases on our campus, the CDC no longer requires asymptomatic close contacts to quarantine.

Wellness Corner

Mr. Fitzgerald had the pleasure of speaking with our freshmen this week. He reviewed our student handbook as well as ways to be successful at SOAR High School.

The students shared that without good time managment, it can be difficult to be academically successful. So, here are some tips to better your time management:

1. Set reminders for all your tasks

2. Use your daily planner

3. Give each task a time limit

4. Block out distractions

5. Establish a routine

Be a STAR!

STUDENTS, don't forget to Be a STAR no matter where you are -- that's in the classroom, on campus, connected online, or in the community -- again, we're promoting Self advocating, Teachable, Accountable, and Respectful leaders -- STARs -- here at SOAR!

SOAR Stars are also life-long learners and self-advocates who solve the most pressing challenges through an unwavering pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration, becoming engaged and productive leaders in their communities.


We ask that students and families please review our student handbook:

It's important that all members of the SOAR community are familiar with behavioral expectation, academic integrity policies, dress code, etc. Students will be getting a copy of the planner through AVID classes soon. Again, until then, we ask that you review our online version of this document.