Pediatric Doctor

Norton Healthcare

Contact Info:

Main Number: (502) 629-8000

Location: Louisville, Kentucky-40202 (I will be working in Louisville, as well as living here)

Coordinates: Latitude: 38.2353692

Longitude: -85.6321385


General pediatricians are doctors who work with babies, children and adolescents. Pediatric physicians must have general medical knowledge and an understanding of how treatments affect different developmental growth stages. They make a salary of $167,640 per year; $80.59 per hour.

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Louisville is home to a powerhouse of athletics, one of the many outstanding teams are the Louisville Bats. They play at Louisville Slugger Field, which is a baseball stadium in Louisville, Kentucky.

Other Info

The average cost of living in Louisville(Apartment, Food, Transportation, Entertainment) is $2,852.64(a month). As a beginner pediatric doctor, I will be making around $6,500(a month). This will be more than enough to live comfortably and enjoy all the great things this area has to offer.