By: Jessica Perez

What is Volume

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.

Item #2 - Formula of Area of Circle

The formula of a circle is A=pir2

Formulas of a Cylinder, Cone, and Sphere

how to use the formula of a sphere-example

Diameter: 14.4 in.

  1. V=4/3πr3 Volume of a sphere
  2. V=4/3π(7.2)3 Replace r with 7.2 since it is the radius
  3. 1,563.5 in 3 Simplify
  4. Hint: to get radius divided by
  5. Hint: π = 3.14

How to use the formula of cone-example

Height: 8.4ft

diameter: 3.5ft

  1. V=π r2 h/3 Volume of Cone
  2. V=1/3π (1.75)2(8.4) put 1.75 in the place of r & h with 8.4
  3. V=26.9ft3 Simplify
  4. Hint: divided by 2 to get the radius
  5. Hint: π =3.14

How to use the formula of a Cylinder-Example

height: 5 in.

Radius: 3 in.

  1. V=π r2 Volume of a Cylinder
  2. V=π (3)2 5 put 3 instead of r & h with 5
  3. V=141.4 in. Simplify
  4. Hint: π is = 3.14

Item # 4-compare the volume of a sphere to a circumscribed cylinder

I predict if a sphere where to be put in a cylinder then it would cause the volume of the cylinder is going to decrease.


Now you try some problems


There is a small soccer ball with a diameter of 4.3 inches. What is the volume of the soccer ball?

Diameter:4.3 in.


Here is the answer for the question

The answer 41.63 in.3

First you 4*3.14*2.15*2.15*3 divide 3 or you can do 4/3*3.14*2.15

you multiply all then divide by 3 and you will get your answer which is 41.63


There is a soda can with the height of 7 inches and a radius of 5 inches.What is the volume of the of the soda can?

height: 7 in.

radius: 5in.

Hint: V=pi2h


The answer is 549.8 in. 3

  1. multiply 3.14*5*5*7
  2. then you will get your answer


You have an ice cream cone that has a radius of 15 cm. and a height of 8 cm.What is the volume of the ice cream cone?

Radius: 1.5 cm.

Height: 8 cm.

Hint: V=pir2h/3


The answer if 18.85 cm3

  1. Multiply 3.14*1.5*1.5*8 divided by 3
  2. And you will get 18.85 cm3

Jessica Perez