Protest Against Acts/Taxes

Shaniqua Demery

I will be supporting the economic protest against Acts & Taxes. This most important of this is the nonimportation movement. This movement encouraged Americans to refrain from buying British goods because of the Stamp Tax. The Declaratory Act isn't the best decision because the British had the right to tax colonist whenever they want. What if they do it for anytype of reason at all that's not accountable for the act to be forced upon? The Navigation Act proposed that trade sent by colonies conducted had to go through the British. This isn't really a bother to me but if you are making deals of trade you should have trust in one another.The Quartering Act states that all colonist MUST allow British Soldiers or officials to stay with them and giving hospitality if needed. Nobody wants just anybody coming to their home at anytime of the day and forced to take care of them. The Molasses Act taxed all that was coming from the colonies. That is very disorganized, the colonist are doing them a favor by sending them molasses but they are being taxed for sending it. These Acts and Taxes are not agreeable with everyone and we should all protest against it.