June 3, 2019



Top 10 by 2020

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Student Climate
  3. Adult Culture

Together we can achieve anything.

Big picture

Shoutouts & Celebrations

thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

  • Logan Kimberly, Brianna Forest, Hali Tasler, and Carolyn Lent - Thanks for checking in and joking around with me when I was having a rough morning.
  • THE Mr. Adam Sheldon - He's working his butt off for our athletes not only before school but after as well. Our kids respond well to his instruction and are willing to work for him. Great work, Coach!
  • Hali Tasler - Bringing in some delicious strawberry/rhubarb coffee cake!
  • Teachers & Amy Hueg - Thank you for filling in and subbing for other staff members when coverage was needed throughout the year - - very much appreciated!
  • Vicki Dresang-Talapa - Taking care of our students and their numerous health needs (i.e. passing out, bleeding, throwing up, needing a shower, sending medications to athletic practices and events, etc. etc.) Great Job Vicki!
  • Emily Wech - Always remembering to put students first and looking out for what's best for them. Stay calm but stand up for what is right.
  • Kamen Flanders - For being a superhero in working with our kids that might not otherwise graduate without his help. Thank you for providing space, support, and accountability
  • Arianna Wirebaugh - Thank you for letting me be a part of a collaborative project where some of my panther production students are actually picking up a few words of German.
  • Courtney Hawkins - Thank you for providing homemade goodies for our PLC this morning.
  • Tom Sauve - Leading the baseball team to a huge victory.
  • Dani Wollberg - Always being willing to cover for other staff members and help out during WIN.
  • Lee Jacobson - Lee always waits for Bres to catch the bus. He is the first "school" face she technically sees. He is so welcoming, kind, and good to the kids. Thank you Lee!!
  • Garrett Wenzel - Taking time to help students finish big projects. ;)
  • Susan Chelstrom - She always works hard to meet the needs of her students. Thank you for the support in and out of the classroom.
  • Tracie Crowley - Great work with the Future's Class. It led to many meaningful conversations in our Junior Meetings.
  • Hali Tasler - Providing the staff with the Rhubarb Coffee Cake. What a great way to start our day!
  • Logan Kimberly - For his willingness to be the first one through the wall with CAPP. It should "pay off" for our students.
  • Tracy Klein - For coordinating and organizing a successful AP Testing Season. You are a machine!
  • Lori Cress - Carrying the load in the main office - she is amazing!
  • Brianna McGee - Having conversations with parents and working with them to help their children.

You all ROCK!

End-of-Year Grading Decisions Form

If you have a student who will earn an "F" or "I" you must complete this form.

Grading Communication and Procedures

This doc provides information about making grading decisions.

Schedule for the Week

Morning Greeters This Week: SOCIAL STUDIES

Monday, June 3 - Exam Review Day

A Great Day to be a Panther!

5:30 pm - Wage and Benefit Meeting

6:30 pm - Board Learning Meeting

Tuesday, June 4 - EVEN Periods - Final Exams

Another Great Day to be a Panther!

Wednesday, June 5 - ODD Periods - Final Exams

Another Great Day to be a Panther!

Thursday, June 6 - REASSESSMENT Day

Another Great Day to be a Panther!

Friday, June 7 - Last Day of School

Another Great Day to be a Panther!"

Just So You Know

2018-19 Goals Summary

This document is a summary of our 2018-19 building goals. These goals represent the work of HSLT, BLT, and PBIS aligned to district priorities. If you'd like to see the detailed version please contact Kurt.


Requesting a Substitute

Please familiarize yourself with the information on this document. Thank you.