The more you love something the more pain appears.

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Rihanna and Chris brown

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Rihanna had a strong relationship with Chris Brown but that all came to an end when Chris brown decided to use violence towards her. Being male he thought he possed a sort of power over her so he used violence to portray that. Power causes great responsibilities so now Chris brown is held responsible for his actions used on Rihanna. Chris brown was abusive toward Rihanna during there relationship whitch caused their positive relationship to take a negative turn.
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"A strong relationship can change with one blow"

A mistake can be seen differently on both sides of the situation. If you love someone you should take care of them and make sure they always feel safe. A relationship becomes negative when someone feels uncomfortable or scared, mentally and physically, towards their partner. Using a force of physicality such as fighting does not always fix the situation it leads to regret and breaks apart the trust and bonds between people.


How to tell if you're in a unsafe relationship

What to do if you're in a unsafe relationship.

If you at all feel uncomfortable in a relationship then it is not a positive relationship or if one causes pain on the other. If you become involved in a negative relationship then you should tell somebody and try to leave the person that is the cause of the abuse.