Sigmund Frued

Background Information

  • Born on May 6th, 1856 in Freiberg, Moravia, Austrian Empire
  • Died on September 23rd, 1939 in London England
  • Went to the University of Vienna
  • Married Martha Bernays (1861-1951)
  • Had six children

What he accomplished

  • Known for developing the therories and techniques of psychoanalysis.
  • Has multiple books published
  • Perhaps one of the best-known psychologists of all time.

Fun Facts

  • He thought or believed that if a child had trouble being potty trained they would grow up being a neat freak later on in life.
  • Replied on self-report reflections rather than scientific methods - but he still said what he was doing was science.
  • Thinks that the things we go through as children affect our personality, and our behaviors in our future.
  • First to use cocaine