News from GT

November 12th

Storytelling Assignment - Final Semester Assignment

This week in class we discussed the final semester assignment. After spending September and October looking at various types of visual and written storytelling, students will produce a culminating assignment.

Tell a story, fiction or non-fiction, using any medium you wish.

Some ideas discussed include:

  • comic
  • documentary
  • short story
  • stop-motion animation
  • original song
  • editorial
  • children's book

If you have any questions about your idea, please come talk to Ms. Hanna. This assignment is due the week of December 8th.

Limited Open Door Day Friday

Friday, there will be a limited Open Door Day. First and second period Ms. Hanna will be giving a makeup test for GT Assessment. As always, there is no Open Door Day during 3rd period when Ms. Hanna is teaching an elective. Eighth period, Ms. Hanna is covering other teachers' classes.

The only Open Door Day this week will be 4th - 6th periods.

Clarification about "Isis"

In class this week, two students asked me why they referred to Isis so many times in Aida. To clarify, Isis was a goddess of Ancient Egypt, the setting for the opera. More information about her can be found here.

Friday the 13th: Teens Create

Explore Laguna Gloria when the lights go out! At this Teen Night, you’ll go on a quest through the Sculpture Park’s majestic and eerie scenery on a scavenger hunt and create art.

Free and open to ages 13–19 with ID. Families of teens welcome. Friday, November 13th from 6 - 9 PM. For more information, visit The Contemporary Austin website.

Summer Travel Opportunities

Ms. Hanna is leading two summer travel opportunities. There will be a domestic trip to Washington, DC and Williamsburg June 1st - 4th. An international trip to Cuba will be held June 25th - July 3rd.

If you would like more information about either of these trips, please let Ms. Hanna know. To sign up for the Washington DC trip, visit and use trip ID# 125917. For more information about the Cuba trip and to sign up, visit the trip site.