Dale English,Period 4 Mrs.kibbey

Environmental study guide


orlando reeves found the city orlando.over 1,500,000 people in orlando florida as of december 16th 2013.


bees are in my area the help the area by collecting pollen from the plants to make honey and they also spread pollen to other plants to fertilize the other plants and the reason they endanger us is that they can sting us.all kinds of wildlife is in our state and area we have birds,cats,dogs,wasps,bees,and more


the average rainfall of Orlando florida is 53.17 inches. the average temperature of orlando Florida is 82.3


the top ten sports in america are football,baseball,basketball,hockey soccer,golf,tennis,Motorsports,pro wrestling and martial arts. people live in trailers houses,condos,and apartments.

overall reflection

what makes up my community are friends family,famous singers and sports players

Natural Disasters

Orlando Florida's natural disasters hurricanes tropical storms tornados and floods


he american culture consists of the food religion language and the arts.