Sixth Grade Scoop

at Hampton Elementary School

More testing?! Why?

....Yes...more testing! This week, elementary students took their last round of major testing for the year. Although it may seem a little much, in my opinion, it is a good thing. By taking several different tests throughout the course of a year, we are able to get a better view of your child's strengths, weaknesses, and growth. I like to make this analogy: I would rather have my doctor take several tests to make sure I'm healthy instead of giving just one and hoping that really shows everything that might be going on. 6th grade did a great job! The majority met their personal goals and made HUGE growth in Reading and Math. They have been so dedicated and deserve that extra hug or surprise ice-cream trip! Thank THEM for working so hard!

This week's Learning Goals

READING: Making Judgments, Antonyms, Captions & Photos

SCIENCE: Sound and Light Energy

MATH: Two Step Equations, Area of Complex Shapes


5/12 - Upper Elementary Field Trip

5/13 - Box Top Party

5/18 @ afternoon - Field Day

To Be Determined:

Elementary Talent Show


Kellen - 90%

MaKenna - 95%

Nice work!!! If you see these guys around, give them a high five!

Student Spotlight - What is the best thing about your Mom?


6th Grade Loves Their Moms! (Created with @Magisto)

Parent Tip of the Week

Above is another great article about being involved in your child's "tech world". I know as our 6th grade kiddos get older they tend to push parents away or not include them in what they are doing online. Even as they grow, STAY INVOLVED! One way you can do it to try and check your child's student website often, they are putting some amazing things on there! I know they love it when you "TAG" them! :)