what is it and what does it do?

What is Desalination?

Desalination is when science is used to purify salt water to fresh water... that's drinkable!

but with this pro there is a con.. how will it effect the already endangered aquatic animals and their salty habitats?, will it effect humans negatively?

Why do people use Desalination?

Desalination is a way to make sure people have enough water where countries:

-do not have enough freshwater that is easy to get to.

-that are devastated by drought need freshwater.

-rainfall is changed by climate increase or decreases.

-the human population grows faster than already low water supplies water supplies.

How does Desalination work?

  1. Saltwater is pumped into the desalination plant with a big tube on the ocean floor.
  2. The saltwater goes through a filtration screen to remove large objects like sand, weeds, and other large objects and then it floats down through filters at the bottom to remove smaller objects in the water
  3. the salt is removed using a process called reverse osmosis. large amounts of pressure are used to push the seawater through large amounts of filters which is for reverse osmosis, which are like very small screens with minuscule holes so small which makes it fresh drinking water and then pure saltwater concentrate is left.
  4. The leftover saltwater concentrate is about two times as salty and two degrees warmer than the ocean usually is. This concentrate is returned to the sea through a different large tube that is place on the bottom of the sea or ocean.
  5. The salt concentrate is mixed into the ocean and returns to its normal levels of saltiness and heat between 164.042-246.063 feet from the outlet tube I even don't know why they do this?
  6. then everything is supposed to be all back to normal while we aren't seeing that we are changing what we already have.
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this is just a small explanation. (above)

effects of tech on humans, water, and enviroment

for humans it helps us survive where there is low freshwater levels some people think this is the future well if it is they will change there minds in a heart beat. changing saltwater to fresh water then returning more salt back into the ocean its going to be like the dead sea and what about saltwater fish, sharks, and crustaceans. the salt extracted from the water is returned two times warmer and just pure liquid salt. on the environment some animals might evolve like the bull shark did now you can find them in every type of water so we should look before we leap and this is long term effects if not sooner.

What do you need for desalination?

this is quite simple all you need is saltwater and a desalination plant well finding a desalination plant will be actually quite hard.

Interesting facts

- desalination leaves salt two times hotter than the temperature of the ocean

- just in California 50,000 gallons of saltwater a day is turned into fresh drinking water

- over 90% of the earths surface is water and 97% of that is salt water only 2% is in gaseous form while 0.9% is solid water and 0.1% is fresh drinking water cool right!?!

- over 50,000 gallons of water fills a pool 40 ft wide 20 feet long and a depth of 9 ft here's a pic it looks small but remember its 9 ft deep


I hope you learned something new, something you already know and something you want to look into. I hope you want to see if you can change desalination for the better.

-Hunter Thompson