Analyzing Viola

Viola's Identity

''Viola's thinks of herself as being very lient. Viola is also see's herself as being shy when it comes to talking to others such as boys. she does find herself as being very generous and being smart'' (I. ii.15).
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Viola's Gender

''Viola had to dress up as a guy because women had limited rights because they couldn't do things on their own like men could. Furthermore, because of her being a women she transposes into being a guy in order to do things on her own that she couldn't do being a women'' (I. ii. 45-50).
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Characters in the play view or see Viola as a men, but she is actually a girl. Later on people starts to see who Viola really is as the time goes on. in the play Orsino says to Viola '' Boy, you told me thousand times you'd never love a woman much as you love me'' (IV. I. 255-259)

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Comparing and Contrasting Between Viola and I


  • shy
  • active in sports
  • soft spoken


  • plays soccer
  • dresses up in disguise
  • have limited rights as being a women

She's The Man


In She's The Man Viola is seen as being very lient and also very shy when it comes down to communicating with other people such boys. she is seen to be very smart and intelligent as well by others (She's The Man).
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In She's The Man Viola comes too a situation in her life to were she is not able to play on the boys soccer team, but she does something in order to make herself play on the team. Viola is forced to act like a lady such as wearing a dress and being debutant (She's The Man).
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In She's The Man characters sees Viola as a boy and a lady's man with good looks and a good way with talking to girls. The way others see Viola is different from how she sees herself because she sees herself as being shy, athletic, and smart/intelligent. (She's The Man).

similarities and differences


  • athletic
  • plays a sport
  • shy
  • intelligent


  • doesn't like the game of soccer
  • people person sometimes