Vote For The Columbian Exchange

By: London Foster

What is the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is an exchange of food with the new world and the old world. That means that the people from the Americas brought new foods and animals to Asia, Africa, and Europe and Columbus sailed foods and animals from Asia, Africa, and Europe back to the Americas.
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Why you should vote for the Columbian Exchange and WHY NOT to vote for it!

You should vote for the Columbian Exchange because Its a great way to get new foods, Make new things or foods with the food that they exchanged, and there will not be people because when the Columbian Exchange started people were going to the Americas too. Around the world like today if it wasn't for Columbus we wouldn't have the famous Italian spaghetti sauces that we have today and all the foods that came from the old world today. The bad thing about it is that The old world brought disease to the new world, the potatoes in the old world they were growing sickness on them.
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Don't vote against it!!

You shouldn't vote against it because do you want the foods that we have to be in Africa and we not have the foods we have today in the new world. NO, y'all don't, because we love the foods we have in the world and the sauces or pies made out of the foods.