All About Me

Favorite Movies ,Dislikes,Hobbies,Favorite Apps,Best songs

Favorite movies or (anime).

My favorite anime's would have to be Dead Man Wonderland,Elfin Lied,Blue Exorcist and Black Butler.My favorite Movies are Dead Pool and Insidious.

If I had to choose between movies and anime i'm sorry to say but I would probably pick anime.Anime is a lot better detail and well interesting.

My Dislikes or things I strongly annoy me

Some things that I don't like is when books I read have misspelled words in it ,I mean seriously if you are not going to proofread it right you should be fired.Another thing is nails on a chalkboard the sound is so high I think it's piercing my soul.

I also do not like it when people tap their pencils during test,to you know focus.Well that is basically all that I dislike so yeah. I like this emoji so I put it there.


My hobbies consist of reading spending or taking care of animals and well watching movies.I also like to take care of elderly people weird right?

Some other hobbies are cleaning my house or other people's house if that is considered a hobby.One last thing I like to do is listening to music,discovering new songs and such.

Favorite apps

My favorite apps would have to be Netflix,Crossy Road and well youtube.

The game Crossy Road is really fun,you can chose a wide variety of characters to be and some are even people.The best device to get it on is the android and Iphone.

My favorite Songs

My favorite songs are White rabbit by Egypt Central, Save yourself by My Darkest Days,Let it Die by Starset,and Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez. This is the link to White Rabbit. This is the link to Save Yourself. This is Let It Die. This one is Mad Hatter.

I put these links here incase you are interested in listening to the songs.