Deans' Council Update

Butler Online Department

November 2015

Canvas Representatives at Butler

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, two Canvas representatives visited Butler. The Butler Online Team met with Ryan Jacobson, our Customer Success Manager, and Leslie Stark, Program Development Specialist from 9:00 am. - 12 noon. We were able to share our vision of Canvas in the future and to develop a closer working relationship with Canvas personnel.

Dean Susan Bradley and Professor Andrea McCaffree-Wallace joined us to discuss Canvas/TurnItIn integration and the possibility of hosting the Butler OWL in Canvas.
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Butler Online Banners

We recently purchased a table-top banner (shown to the right) and a large floor banner (pictured below) to bring attention to the online program at Butler. We will display the banners at Grizzly Senior Days, training sessions, and other marketing opportunities. Stop by and see the one outside the BOA office in the 5000 Bldg. Our very own Roberta Sheahan designed both banners.
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SALSA Tracker Training

On Friday, Oct. 23rd several Butler Deans, Associate Deans, chairs and leads met for training conducted by the Faculty Development Dept. and hosted by Mark Jarvis and Meg McGranaghan. We were thrilled to be invited to present the SALSA Syllabus Tracker and show how simple it is to determine if a syllabus is in the Canvas course and if it is published or unpublished.

We were also invited to demonstrate the SALSA Syllabus Tracker to Butler's Administrative Assistants on Tuesday, Nov. 10th. Both groups had a lively discussion about the tracker and its benefits.

Web-E Training Report

  • 93.6% of users college-wide have completed WebE I and II training and now have access to their course shells (up from 93.2% at last report). These numbers also reflect all new hires.

  • All new instructors will be added to a WebE course and sent a welcome email explaining how to begin, what is required of them, and who to contact for help.

  • Butler Online has no face-2-face WebE sessions planned for November and December.
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New and Exciting Workshops

With a large percentage of WebE Training complete, the Butler Online team is anxious to begin developing and presenting new workshops to enhance the teaching for online and face-to-face courses. Some training will be particular to Canvas and/or SALSA but, we also want to plan workshops on integrating outside resources in to the classroom.

Please contact Linda Wapelhorst at, 316-218-6202 or to provide suggestions for training that may be valuable to your instructors

SALSA Syllabus Survey

Following a survey regarding SALSA in which 198 instructors responded, we found, among other things that, 98% published a SALSA in at least one course. 93% acknowledged the benefits of SALSA listing automatic updates to BCC policies and the ability to copy the syllabus into other courses as most important. Some points, however, remain to be smoothed out. The actual linking process is still a bit confusing, and combining the save/publish functions were listed as aspects to consider revising. Yet, overall, SALSA has been well accepted and assimilated by the vast majority of instructors. 74% don’t see a need for additional SALSA training.

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Remembering how to SALSA

The Butler Online Department is excited to announce our new workshop Remembering how to SALSA (click the link to access the calendar). We created this workshop with the instructors in mind. We know they only update their syllabus once per semester and, sometimes it can be a little confusing, hard to remember. So we created a workshop where we will walk instructors through the process of updating their syllabus and making it current for the new semester.

Butler Learning Glass

Butler transported our smaller version of the learning glass (lightboard) to Emporia State for the eTextbook Summit. It was the most popular attraction there with many people stopping to give the learning glass a try or simply ask questions about its construction, uses, and best practices. This smaller learning glass is available for use throughout the college. Instructors can, actually, transport it to their office to prepare presentations as some may feel more comfortable in their "home" environment.
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iBOT (Introduction to Butler Online Teaching) Report

iBOT, the new INTON, was launched this fall. We also have a new iBOT application that instructors can complete online. We will request email verification that you, the dean, wish the instructor to complete iBOT - so no more paper applications!

Four instructors have completed iBOT and 5 more will finish by Christmas Break.

  • Enrollment in iBOT and EQuIP is now available on demand.

  • Registrants are required to complete WebE I & II before enrolling in iBOT.