Contemporary Latin American

A rich pass, a vibrant present and a promising future

Join us to explore in the classroom and beyond!

Come and learn about the mix of races, languages and religions that create the multicultural space that is today Latin American. We will travel from indigenous texts to modern architecture, from music to poetry, from novels to political manifests. Nothing is pure or new under the sun. This class will be unforgettable!

Every Tuesday and Thursday between 2 pm and 3.15 pm

For prerequisites or more information, please, communicate with me:

The class is conducted in Spanish but English is welcome for questions & answers, oral presentations and paper depending of your minor/mayor.

Professor Madeline Camara, with years of experience in teaching field and an excellent record of publications will guide you through lectures , seminars, and projects to accomplish and exciting journey to knowledge. Be active, be engage, be curious!

Guarenteed to be relaxing and fun if you guarenteed to be motivated and committed

Questions you may have...

What learning activities we use in class? What are the requisites for the class? What authors, topics or works we are going to discuss? Do not hesitate and ask the professor

We are togetter in this adventure

Students from any disciplines are welcome. Latin American culture has something to offer for every one interested in living in the global era with the right knowledge