4J + 4Kr Updates

STEM - A note from Mrs. Henning

Last week in STEM we reflected upon our first challenge. Students commented upon the importance of teamwork and communication, and the need to be flexible in their thinking. It was a perfect introduction to our Breakout Edu. For Breakout Edu students were tasked with unlocking several boxes to solve a mystery about an old teacher at Indian Hill Elementary. To solve the puzzle, students had to be very observant of the clues around them, use the teamwork skills we had discussed, and also use their math skills. It was an exciting time, be sure to ask your child about BreakOut Edu in STEM. This week we will investigate circuits using MaKey MaKey.

Because of Mr. Terupt

I wanted to let you know that we will begin a new read aloud this week with the book Because of Mr. Terupt written by Rob Buyea. We are learning about perspective and point of view in ELA, and this book will be the perfect mentor text to teach that important concept.

I will be reading this book aloud, so students are not required to have a copy of the text in front of them. However, many children like having their own copy to follow along. If this is the case for your child, I wanted to let you know the title in case you wanted to purchase a copy. Again, this is not required :) Some students love just listening to their teacher read to them (which I LOVE!!)

I will begin reading on Thursday :)

In case you're interested, here is a link to purchase from Amazon:


Math Update from Mrs. Krehbiel

The chapter 3 math test is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25th. Students will get their study guide tomorrow, and it is due back on Monday, October 24th. We will review together in class, but if you'd like to get a head start, you can have your child practice the following skills:

  • Multiply by 10's
  • Round to estimate products
  • Multiply 2 digit numbers using area models and the traditional method
  • Solve multi-step word problems

Students can practice their basic facts on Reflex and specific math skills on their Khan Academy account.

OLSAT Tomorrow

Tomorrow students will be taking the OLSAT test. This is a 40 minute timed test that measures a student's cognitive ability. There is nothing your child can do to study, however you can help them by making sure they get a good night's rest and that they bring a healthy snack to eat.

Green Acres - Thursday 10/20

Our classes will be going to Green Acres on Thursday, October 20th from 1:15-3:15. Please make sure your child brings appropriate shoes, as we will be outdoors the entire time. Students may also bring bug spray and a hat. As of now, the weather is not looking favorable. The decision to cancel will be made Thursday morning, if needed.

Volunteers, you can ride the bus with us or meet us at Green Acres. We are leaving the school at 1:15 and will arrive at 1:30. Thank you for your help and flexibility.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Thursday 10/20: Picture Retake Day (bring back the pictures you did not like)
  • Thursday 10/20: QRA Part 1 (Quarterly Reading Assessment)
  • Friday 10/21: QRA Part 2
  • Thursday & Friday 10/27-10/28: Fall Conferences
  • Friday 10/28: No School for Students
  • Monday 10/31: Halloween Party 2:30-3:15