Weekly Update 12/2


Happy Holidays!

Hi All!

I hope you all had a nice THANKSGIVING with your families! We have just taken down all of the pumpkins and now have decorated the classroom for the holidays and it is beginning to look more like a winter wonderland!

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Today, students are participating in "Career Day," where they will be exploring three different careers and listening to presenters discuss their various careers. Tomorrow all students have a half-day and will be released from school at 10:37. The buses will be leaving from school at 10:47 and students should arrive home shortly after. Parent-teacher conferences will be held at school from 6:00-8:30 P.M.

Academics at a glance this week...

We are continuing with chapter 2 in Science and will be taking a test next week. More information will be provided soon!

In History, we are continuing with our studies with chapter 20, with the topic of WWI. Homework will be given, as necessary and will be posted on the classroom website.

In English, we are continuing our reading of the novel, "The Great Gatsby." We are completing a wide range of activities to go along with the given reading and will be given quizzes for each chapter that will test basic comprehension.

In Academic Literacy, students are continuing to read the novel, "The Juvie Three". We will be finishing up our studies with this in the next week or so and a test will be given sometime next week. I will provide everyone with a definite date soon! I am hoping to begin reading the novel, "A Christmas Carol" at the start of next week, ( I am hoping they will arrive by mail by Friday!).