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There once were 9 now there are 5 i'll tell you what it means in the paragraph...

There once were 9 species of tigers but now only 5 are alive and some almost extinct. Why? Because their fur coats are valeuble. Poachers kill tigers and sell their skin. Here are some pictures of the spiecies

You might of wondered where tigers live. Well this is the time you find out where.

Tigers live in Asia and Russia. Long ago there were tigers all across Asia and rainforests of Burma. Snowy forests of Siberea too. if you do not know where Asia and Russia are here's a map;.

Tigers are fierce animals. Do you want to know why?

Tigers can't run as fast as a cheetah. So stalk their prey as close and as silent as possible. Their soft paws help them stay quiet. They kill their prey by cutting the preys air supplie, breaking their back bone or gripping its neck. they find an animal that is big enough for a decent meal. Well they don't really eat humans only when there is no food left or they are too old and weak. This tiger is eating a cayotee

here is a video of a tiger.

Swimming tigers at Australia Zoo

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now you know lots about tigers