Current Perspective Final Project.

By: Johnathon Kimmick

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The Myers-Briggs test consists of several questions that have you think about what you basically think. The questions don't ask what would happen, or what if, they ask what would you do. Once you have finished with these problems you will be given 4 letters, and those letters are your personality.

MI Data.

Multiple Intelligence is the theory that there are 8 different types of intelligence and that intelligence is dominated by one of these 8 types of intelligence. So that would mean that certain people will get a certain type of intelligence, This means that some people may be great in groups and some people may be great by them self.


Grit dose not come with learning, it comes from doing. Grit is how much effort you put into an activity. Grit is how much time you put into an activity. Grit is weather you give up or keep on going. Grit can be measured, but unlike most things that can be measured Grit is not physical or a skill, Grit is in your mind and only yours.

Psychology of the Mind.

The mind is a beautiful and confusing thing. There are still hundreds of things that we don't know about it. The Grit, Multiple Intelligence, and Myers-Briggs tests all do the same thing test your brain. your brain is constantly changing so if you take these testes in four years the results my be different it just depends on how you see the world and how you use your brain.