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Marking Period 4

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Principal's Mesage

As we bring the 2019/2020 school year to a close, I am grateful to have been on this unique journey with all of you. We all have much to celebrate. We all have much to be proud of. The determination, resiliency, and compassion of our learning community never faltered, and for that I must say thank you.

To the staff, it is never lost on me that your professionalism and dedication to the children of the community is stellar. I remember on March 14th, we met in small groups to prepare for remote learning. It was in those meetings I knew you were all ready, willing, and able to accept the challenges no teachers in history had ever been asked to face. As I know you've seen in my (countless) emails, there is a quote from Bruce Lee. It says, "Be water." Essentially, be whatever the situation needs you to be. You went with the flow, adapted, and excelled. I am proud of you. I am proud to be your principal, and I will sing your praises all throughout the summer months.

To our parents and caregivers - congratulations! You successfully navigated your way through thirteen (13!) weeks of remote learning. We could not have had the success we experienced during these unprecedented times without your support and partnership. While it wasn't always easy, while it wasn't always smooth, your feedback and willingness to step into the role of at-home educator allowed us to evolve and excel. Since you stepped into that role, that de facto makes me your boss - so as your boss I am giving you a directive to find a way to celebrate! A school's strength always stems from the community, and for being the wonderful community you are, I will sing your praises all throughout the summer months.

To the students - I miss you. So much. There have been countless times when I've spoken publicly, or during private conversations, where I say the smiles and the laughter of the children are the best parts about being in this line of work. I can't wait to see those smiles and hear that laughter in person again. I am incredibly proud of the work you did with us when we were at Brandt and the work you did from home during remote learning. We will be back together before you know it. You will all be a bit taller. You'll be a bit older. And we will continue to travel this path with you as you grow. The children of the community are always its most precious resource, and you indeed are all magnificent and precious. I will sing your praises all throughout the summer months.

Please, everyone, be safe and well. As guidance is given by the state regarding the coming school year, we will be in contact with you. Have a wonderfully spectacular amazingly stupendous summer Brandt Family!

Students of the Month


Kindergarten - Daxon Song
1st Grade - Dani Levy
2nd Grade - Brii Newby
3rd Grade - Snow Cercone
4th Grade - Damian Gotwols
5th Grade - Kimora Miller
Science Amelie Cademartori
Music - Kate Cherpitel


Mia Jorges - Kindergarten
Douglas Critelli - 1st Grade
Jonathan McDonald - 2nd Grade
Raaga Hari - 3rd Grade
Mikaela Crimmins - 4th Grade
Alex De La Rosa - 5th Grade
Jackson Weisman - Physical Education
Avery Dunn - Science


Giancarlo Aliseo - Kindergarten
Collins Roark - 1st Grade
Clara Cragnolin - 2nd Grade
Kieran Danko - 3rd Grade
Jaiden Martinez - 4th Grade
Quadir Ladson - 5th Grade
Gil Bezalel - Music

Mia Mazzalla - Science


Wow, the year has come to an end so quickly! It feels as if it were yesterday when we were meeting all of you for the very first time and starting this amazing school year together. This school year has been one incredible educational journey for all us.

In ELA recently, the students have been working on the long vowel sounds, reviewing concepts that they have learned all year and elements of a story. The students have been writing their own story each week and stories have been pretty amazing. In Math, the students have been working with place value, addition, subtraction, word problems and graphing. The students have also been reviewing all the concepts they have been taught all year. They are doing amazing.

Thank you again for all your support throughout the year!

Have a wonderful and safe summer! We will see you soon!

First Grade

This marking period, students had a blast learning virtually. Students got to see all the first grade teachers on a daily basis by watching their video lessons. The first graders took on virtual learning with a growth mindset, ready to rock the last weeks of school. They have been working hard remotely on their daily tasks.

Students watched videos and interacted with their teacher daily to learn new ELA and math concepts. In Language Arts, we have been learning how to use prepositions, suffixes, and pronouns. To strengthen our reading comprehension skills, we have been focusing on identifying a character's point of view, as well as describing causes and effects and problems and solutions in stories that we read. We have also been brushing up on our writing skills by practicing writing "how-to" stories.

In math, we have been practicing place value, adding and subtracting by ten, skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, and solving word problems by applying a multitude of strategies. We keep it fun though--with dance parties, show and tell, and even rapid fire math fact questions! When not working hard on their daily lessons, some first graders got to take their “teacher” to all their favorite places and do all their favorite things!

Second Grade

Second grade has been working super hard on all of their work and submissions during their remote learning. The kids have even gotten comfortable recording themselves to read and recite their multiplication facts. They were able to complete an entire Mystery Unit, read two chapter books to solve two different mysteries, as well as understand and push their thinking in multiplication to get their brains ready for 3rd grade. With all this hard work, the kids had a blast for their Virtual Field Day that they very much deserved!

Third Grade

Third grade went on a literary journey with Charlotte's Web thanks to E.B. White, and students embarked on a fantastic voyage to the Country. The story of Charlotte's Web demonstrated kindness, friendship and that a strong community can work on a common challenge and have wonderful results.Students demonstrated resiliency and the willingness to be brave and bold as we engaged in authentic Novel Study via the Remote Learning Pathways.

In Math, third grade has been diligently learning about division. Students learned to use their strong multiplication skills to help solve real world word problems. These new skills have helped identify math vocabulary words and combining all of their skills, students have been able to successfully navigate multi-step math equations. The experience has taught us that Brandt School is totally awesome and Brandt Bears can come together, grow, and learn ANYWHERE!

Fourth Grade

The 4th grade students of Joseph F. Brandt School have been tackling Remote Learning for the entirety of Marking Period 4! During this experience, students have taken on the

challenge of completing an entire novel study via Zoom. Throughout Marking Period 4, the fourth graders explored and discussed a coming of age story that includes a magical cupboard that brings plastic figurines to life. Can you guess the title of this beloved novel? If you said The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks, you are correct! Students analyzed higher-level vocabulary while discussing the morality of bringing plastic figurines to life from various time periods of our past. Was it right that the main character, Omri, had control of bringing these miniature humans to life or sending them back? In addition, students discussed the interactions between these miniature humans. Were they civil and respectful from the start? Or did they learn to accept and celebrate the differences between them? In the end, the novel was a success and students engaged in great discussion via daily Zoom sessions!

Throughout Remote Learning, fourth graders have truly tapped into their techy sides and embraced various digital platforms. Google Classroom was at the head of the pack, as this was where fourth graders independently accessed their daily assignments and turned in completed work to their teachers. In addition, fourth graders have explored Reading A-Z, an online platform that provided leveled texts of all genres. Students can work on their decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills by selecting various texts to read. Lastly, students have

wholeheartedly welcomed the newest addition, Epic! This digital platform allows our fourth graders to enjoy books that come to life right on their screens. Epic has certain texts with the “Read to Me” feature. This allows students to listen to the books they select; however, this isn’t your average read aloud--it often includes interactive aspects on the screen, sound effects, background music, and even different voices! It has kept our fourth graders engaged in their daily learning!

As our fourth graders close out this school year and prepare to welcome summer, they wanted to share positive thoughts, ideas, and quotes with each of you! May these brighten your day and remind you to keep reaching for your dreams and goals!

"Click on this link to see more positivity from your Brandt fourth graders!"

Fifth Grade

Ms. Giampa's 5th grade scholars enjoy all that comes along with virtual learning! Time with furry friends, "Kahoot!" math games, silly faces, "Vocab Jams", virtual Socratic Seminars, "Brain Games", free chats, and more!

Congratulations to our "First Fifth" - the first group of fifth graders to move on to sixth grade from Brandt Elementary School! We wish the best of luck to and congratulate:

Alexander De La Rosa

Micaela Forcum

Olivia Gallo

Sophia Garcia

Jordan Holmes

Quadir Ladson

Suli Lebron

Anthony Lopez

Kimora Miller

Gianna Montalvo

Kallum Powell

Noelle Rivera

Dante Santiago

Andrey Sapronov

Gabriella Tarinelli

Emma Wehrhahn

The Counselor's Corner

Hello Brandt students and families! I hope everyone is well. Can you believe we made it to the end of the school year already? I feel like just yesterday we were welcoming everyone back to school. I am so incredibly proud of all the hard work and dedication our students, teachers and parents have shown this year. No one could have predicted that we would have been learning from home for the past three months, but our Brandt community once again persevered and made it look easy. I’ve enjoyed creating our “Wellness Wednesday” activities during remote learning, I hope you enjoyed it as well. I think it is something that we will continue next school year as we can always benefit from some extra mindfulness and wellness activities. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to see you again in September!


Physical Education

This marking period was definitely a different yet inspiring one all around. All the students adapted to staying active, staying healthy, and making the best out of working out at home. These last few moths consisted of workouts that engaged the students with the last sport we would cover for the year (floor hockey) and went into all different types of workouts. These included: yoga and stretching, balance and coordination, strength training, and a core workout. There were also health assignments that explored all the ways students can take initiative into their own healthy lifestyle choices everyday. And there were special guests along the way - Adrienne G’s (2nd grader) sibling worked on single leg balance with her, and Logan D’s (1st grader) puppy watched him strike a yoga pose!


During the Chinese remote learning, we focused on colors, fruit, and animals. The students learned how to say their favorite colors, what fruit they think is yummy, and what colors of the animals they like. The students did an excellent job practicing Chinese at home!


As we close out the school year, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to have you in my classes. I have enjoyed teaching you via remote learning as well as the time we spent together in class. You are all so unbelievably talented and have gone above and beyond with your art projects and I couldn't be more proud. The past few weeks we have learned about Van Gogh and his sunflowers, Romero Britto and his Pop Art, Monet & his Water Lillies, Peter Max, and numerous other artists. The work I have received has been so amazing. Your creativity and imagination have shown through and each submission I received put such a smile on my face. Please continue to work hard over the summer and always feel free to share your work with me. Have a great Summer and see you all soon!

Project Lead The Way

We are coming to the end,of what can only be called an unusual school year. I want to take this time to thank all of the parents and the students for all their hard work. You made my job so much easier. In both first and second grade we covered many different topics, but both grades ended the year with a Makerspace Project. it was wonderful to see the creativity of all the students. We had rockets, games, Lego creations, musical instruments and even a pinball game! I'm looking forward to September and to seeing you all again. Have a safe and healthy summer.

Mrs. Pecoraro

Some Remote Learning Kindergarten Science Superstars

Project Lead The Way 3-5

3rd grease students learned about the forces of flight, tested glider designs, recorded data, and analyzed their findings.

4th grade students learned about the enormous problem of the Pacific Garbage Patch for Earth Day and designed solutions to clean out a small model of a garbage patch.

5th grade students made models to demonstrate the main body parts of the respiratory system.


During this new time of remote learning, Ms. Monblatt's music students have been more creative than ever! General Music and String students have done an amazing job utilizing optional resources, activities, and lessons via google classroom, continuing to grow their theory, performance, and critical listening skills. This marking period, Ms. Monblatt's students were actively engaged in multiple remote learning projects including a recycled instrument project, a music interview project, and a composition project. In addition to these projects, students were given weekly critical listening activities where they had to identify the composer, genre, instruments and instrument families, describe the piece using music vocabulary terms, and reflect on how the piece made them feel. Student responses were consistently thoughtful, creative, and informed and I loved reading so many responses each week! Finally, I have to give a huge shout out to 5th grade students Olivia Gallo, Quadir Ladson, Anthony Lopez, Noelle Rivera, and Gabriella Tarinelli from Ms. Giampa's class, who worked tirelessly to contribute to a remote performance of our National Anthem! Bravo to all of my amazing students and I could not be prouder of you!


Spanish Classes during Remote Learning focused on colors, food, animals, clothes, and parts of the house . Students learned how to say the words in Spanish and how to use the vocabulary words in different sentences.They all did an amazing job practicing and working at home.


Students in kindergarten through third grade have had the chance to watch and participate along with weekly theater videos created by Mr. Summerville and Mr. Benson. Over the course of the marking period, the students got a chance to explore many different parts of theater such as improv, musical theater, and pantomime. Students got a chance to be featured in the videos if they submitted clips of themselves participating in the activities. There even were a few special guest appearances throughout the different lessons, including Brandt's own principal, Mr. Bartlett, as well as messages from Disney celebrities Susan Egan (Hercules) and Cheyanne Jackson (The Descendants movies).

Remote Learning

You all have done a great job remote learning and the Brandt staff is beyond proud of all your hard work. We thank you for the support, flexibility and creativity you brought to the 2019-2020 school year. Here is our "Express Yourself" video that will hopefully send a smile from our homes to yours!

HPS Highlights: Brandt School, Express Yourself

Nurse's Nook

Helping Children Cope with the Coronavirus

It is important to model calmness when talking to children about the virus. Please continue to practice safe Coronavirus precautions. Children will look to their parents/guardians as role models for their behavior.


  • Stay home as much as possible.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others any time you are out.
  • Go out only for essentials (groceries and medical care).
  • Exercise outside only if you can stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Have phone and video chats.
  • Drop off food to family and neighbors who cannot go out.


  • Gather in groups.
  • Get together with relatives and friends.
  • Have play dates for the kids.
  • Make any unnecessary trips.

Summertime Fun

  • Swimming is the most popular summer activity. The best thing you can do to help your family stay safe this summer is to enroll in age-appropriate swim lessons. Do not go near water if you are not able to swim. Life Vests are simple way to prevent deaths of drowning. Vests save Lives!

  • Protect yourself from the Sun! Wear sunscreen at all times. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays. To prevent skin damage, wear sunscreen with SPF of 30. Wear sun hats to cover those extra exposed areas of the face and neck. Don’t forget about your lip protection and your eyes. UV rays can cause eye damage so please make sure to wear sunglasses. Protection is KEY!

  • WATER WATER WATER! Don’t leave the house without bringing a bottle of water with you. In warm temperatures our body’s need extra water. Thirst and dry mouth are early signs of dehydration.

  • BUG PROTECTIONS: Mosquitos, ticks, and bees are very common bugs to see during this time of year. Before heading outside for activities, apply bug repellent. AVOID high amounts of the ingredient DEET-this is a toxic chemical. If playing in wooden or high grass areas, where socks, and layer clothing, long pants and sleeves especially at night. This provides a defense in case you encounter these pests.

  • Protect your Brain- Wear A HELMET! When biking or riding your scooter ALWAYS wear your helmet! This is the best and safest way to prevent a head injury.

Please continue to monitor your email for messages regarding health related matters for the upcoming school year. Have a great summer and stay safe and wash your hands!!!!

Filomena Konopka, BSN, RN, CSN