Road to Perserverance

Mackenzie Myers - May 2016

Perseverance is the ability to be able to find courage in the time of need despite difficulties or failure

Jackie Robinson : Description

Jackie Robinson was considered and inspiration to many African-American baseball players. Jackie Robinson was the first African- American to play in the major leagues. During Jackie's career he faced many adversities because of his skin color but it was all worth it because of the freedom it gave African-american baseball players. Jackie Robinson had been playing in an all African-american baseball league when a man named Branch Richey decided to pick Jackie Robinson for his experiment of having a black player in the major leagues. Jackie Robinson needed to be prepared for harsh and brutal treatment from fans and players. Jackie Robinson endured people spitting at him, bean balls, and discriminating treatment. Jackie also had to remember to conceal any combative instincts or else things could have gotten worse for Jackie. Jackie Robinson had to venture past things that made other people want to give up and quit trying to play in the majors because everyone was mean to them. Even Jackie's teammates treated him poorly, nobody would sit by him on the bus or in the dugout and nobody wanted to be his roommate. Jackie Robinson endured many adversities during his life but it was all worth it because he eventually was accepted and reached many triumphs. Jackie Robinson beat all of the adversities in his life despite many setbacks
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Jackie Robinson preparing to bat

Winston Churchill & Eleanor Roosevelt Compare and Contrast

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Eleanor Roosevelt : Sequential

When Eleanor Roosevelt was first born, her parents instantly disliked her because she was not a boy like they wanted. Eventually her father began to be the only person that truly loved Eleanor but her mother was exactly the opposite. Eleanor's mother was a very beautiful person and to her mother's conviction Eleanor should have been just as beautiful, but she was not. Eleanor was beginning to be considered the ugly duckling by her mother at first and then gradually other people. Because of this, Eleanor had a very low level of self confidence which affected her greatly because she never felt truly happy with herself. When Eleanor grew older, she married Franklin D. Roosevelt who happened to be her 5th cousin. Eleanor was very happy with her life now, so she had children with Franklin and was enjoying being a mother. Things changed for Eleanor when she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful and had been with another woman. Eleanor was very disappointed with him and no longer trusted him. This continued until Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio and became the president. When this happened, Eleanor had to take care of Franklin Roosevelt and had to be there for him. Also Eleanor became more involved in politics because she was acting as the messenger for the president because he was sick with polio and unable to properly do his job. Eleanor finally became the first lady of the United States and was loved by people for all that she did for them.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Jackie Robinson: Cause and effect

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Maury Wills: Problem and Solution

Maury Wills was a person that was not willing to give up when things were not easy. Maury Wills had always had a goal of playing with the dodgers baseball team, and he eventually got picked to be a part of the team. Unfortunately for Maury, he was a poor hitter and got sent to the minor league teams to improve his hitting. Maury had originally thought that this might have only been short term, but he stayed in the minors for 8 grueling years of trying to improve with little improvement. To try and fix this, Maury practiced relentlessly for hours, refusing to yield but still did not improve. Things finally started to change for Maury when the general manager decided that Maury try switch hitting. When Maury tried switch hitting, his hitting improved drastically and he finally received his chance for the majors when a hitter broke his toe. Maury did well in the majors but was sent back to the minors and then brought back again to the majors. Maury started to become very good at stealing bases and broke the record for most steals. Maury Wills also won the MVP award at the end of the season for never giving up when he was always rejected.
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Maury Wills batting

Lessons Learned from Perseverance

The lesson that can be learned from perseverance is that things can always be changed by hard work and the will to fight. Some people think that perseverance does not work for them but it is usually that they do not want to work for perseverance. When something requires perseverance it can cause someone to be overwhelmed by what is happening and that will cause them to not persevere. In conclusion, perseverance can always cause something to be improved no matter the situation. When others do not persevere, it is because they do not work for their goals. This is because perseverance is not something that will always be easy to achieve. Some people say that perseverance is unattainable, but if they're willing to work for perseverance, they can accomplish anything