Holland, Michigan

Tulip City

Place - What is it like in Holland?

Holland is a great place to live. Although it is a big city, I still love it. It has a awesome downtown, it has a range of shops to go to and good places to eat. It has a college called Hope. They have many little play parks and places to visit, like the dutch village, it has a place for kids to play, little outlet stores, and a movie theater & gym. One of the many fantastic things to do is Tulip Time! This is when Holland has tulips all around. People walk around and look at them. This is also a time to celebrate a big part of Holland, the Dutch! They show dutch dancing and other great activities. It also has a lot of beach area were you can swim and play. You ask where this wonderful place is, well go look!!!

Location - Where is Holland?

Holland is around Zeeland and also on Lake Michigan, and is in South Michigan, and near Sauagtuck.

Here are the direct coordinates of Holland- 42.7833 degrees N, 86.1000 degrees W

Movement - Why do people move to and from Holland?

A lot people like Holland because of the activities. There are a lot of job offerings around Holland. There are a lot of factory's, also car parts and office furniture are a big manufacturer there. Grocery stores and medical departments are another great job offering in Holland. It is also a great vacation place because of the things to do like the beach and downtown. A couple downsides are the rowdy college kids and some gangs. If you don't like city life, like apartment complexes and sub-divisions, Holland isn't the place for you.

Human Environment Interaction - How do people cope with Holland?

Holland gets all four seasons, unlike other places. People have air conditioners and heat in their houses. They have places to buy coats when its winter and places to buy shorts when its summer. Off the weather concept, this is a city, you drive a lot. They have gas stations to get gas and little stores like wallgreens and CVS to get stuff when your driving.

Region - How is Holland like the places around it?

The Holland area gets lake effect snow, and like most of Michigan gets the HOT summer sun, also it occasionally rains. It is in the Southwest part of Michigan which is a normally populated area. There is a called Mackatowa River that is on the edges of Holland.
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