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Animal kingdom

They're many extravagant animals and exciting explorations in the world. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, one of the largest animal theme parks in the world. Home to more than 2,000 animals. Which includes over 300 species, the park reflects Walt Disney’s dedication to conservation and is committed to animal care education and research. The movie relating to this is Mickey's movies and his tv shows.

      Opened: April 22, 1998


Disney's Animal kingdom is the fourth of four theme parks built at Disney. It was dedicated and opened to the public during Earth day on April 22, 1998. It is the second largest theme park in the world, behind Six flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.It is the largest Disney theme park in the world, covering 500 acres. It is themed around aminal conservation. There is a central island which is Discovery land then branches out too The oasis, Africa, Asia, Camp minnie Mickey, Rafikiki planet watch, and the USA.


They're many characters at animal kingdom. The most seen are Mickey and Minnie, goofy, Tigger, and pooh. These characters need to come to life for entertainment. With good entertainment brings more profit. They're is more happy customers. The play the role of entertainment mostly for the children but some parents they make it come alive.