The Aloha State

Basic Facts

  1. Capital: Honolulu
  2. US region: West
  3. State Bird: Nene
  4. State Flower: Hibiscus
  5. State Tree: Candlenut tree
  6. Ranking of Statehood: 50th


Here are some landforms that are in the state of Hawaii. One super cool land form is the Diamondhead state monument. This saucer shaped item is 475 acres wide and was formed about 300,000 years ago from a massive volcano eruption that sent sulfur and smoke everywhere! Another land form is volcanoes. They are all around! But, most are not active anymore.

Special facts

Here is one interesting feature about Hawaii. Did you know that Hawaiian islands are more that about 2,000 miles away from the coastline of California?

Natural Recources & Manufacturing

Some natural recources are gold, trees, water, fur bairing animals and gold. Some items manufactured by Hawaii are pinapples, bananas, coffee, papayas and macadamian nuts.
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