Science is the Best!

Zachary Bunney

Intro to Me

Hello fellow learners, my name is Zachary Bunney. For my first period at Pioneer Middle School, I attend Mr Schafer's science class. In the class, I am surrounded by scholars are good friends and that are willing to learn. I live in Tustin, California where on Wednsdays, I can walk to school. One of the things I enjoy doing is basketball. In Mr Schafer's room, we learn about all different kinds of things like how to use a microscope and how to use a map if we get lossed in the future. My favorite lab in the class was the microscope because we got to explore for ourselfs and even look at sand from Vietnam!

Mapping for the Future

In science class, we learned how to use a map. One way we can use our mapping skills in the future is if we get lossed. Now, we all count on our GPS to lead us the way and it is to a point where we expect our GPS to work every time. If this GPS powers down, we can use a map to guide us where we want to go. Also, a paper map is a very good use of we go hiking. This is because we might not get service on our phones and get stuck in wherever were hiking.