B.E.L.L.A. is Beautiful, Empowered, Leading Ladies Always!!


Whether Thirty-One is just a hobby for you or if it’s the way you pay your car payment or even if you want this to be your full-time career, we all must plan!

Take time to really decide what goals you have for your business and then write down the steps you need to take in order to make that happen. Then, share that with someone...your family, a friend, ME!!!

We have a month left for our new consultant enrollment opportunity! We are also gearing up for our new jewelry line that starts next month!

For those of you that are wanting to go to National Conference in July in Columbus, OH, the information has now been posted on TOT. Check under announcements for information and registration starts 3/5/15!

Our "Laser Focus" NOW should be to touch base with your March hostesses maybe send them a cute Redstamp and let them know how super excited you are that our purses are 50% off and all their friends will want to see them or our new jewelry or storage items on sale after the 15th of March.

If you are new to TEAM BELLA I would like to welcome you and let you know that I am your Director, Mary McMillan. I also want to let you know other names, so that you know who is who. Charlotte Pratapas is your Excecutive Director and Angie Bailey is your Senior Excecutive Director and Martine Williams is your National Excecutive Director. You will see their names sometime and may receive an email from them, so I wanted to let you know who they are. This email is also emailed out and posted to our Team BELLA FB page on a monthly basis after the 10th of the month when all numbers are posted for the previous month stats.

I'd love to hear from you anytime about successes, struggles or questions so reach out to me! Let's chat!

As always, join our team Facebook group to have access to your Thirty-One sisters when you need encouragement or have questions or just looking for a great idea!

Hugs, Success & Happy New Year!!

Remember these STATS are based on the previous months numbers that are released on the 10th of the current month.


You cannot book parties in the month that you are in. So you need to be booking parties for March AND April now.


CHECK TOT daily for updates on your business, the SPRING/SUMMER CATALOG information and all other items!! There are also amazing trainings on there as well as resources that you can use for your business!!