Jean Vanier Catholic School

June 12th, 2020

Coronavirus Information in EICS

Please continue to reference the parent fact sheet - FAQs on the division website as it will be continually updated as information becomes available.

Last student day of classes June 19th

Please be aware that the last day of classes for the 2019-2020 school year will be Friday, June 19th for all Elk Island Catholic schools. Staff will continue to work planning for the 2020-2021 school year up until June 29th. More details to follow.

"Love First, Last, & Always"

This past Sunday we celebrated the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, the three persons of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us that our God is three persons in one, a difficult idea to understand and indeed a mystery of our faith. How can one thing be three things?

While the Trinity is an incredible mystery, exploring the Trinity with our children is so important in beginning to understand God in heaven, Jesus who lived on earth, and the Holy Spirit, the part of God that surrounds us and lives in us. To explore the Trinity, I like to use an apple to start the conversation of one God in three persons.

Just as the apple consists of three parts, the skin, the flesh, and the seeds, it is still just one apple. Similarly, we come to understand our God as three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but He is one God. They are not three Gods, just as we don’t have three apples. This description sounds simple, but it can help us begin to understand the Trinity. Please take a minute to enjoy this short video with your family, 3 in 1: A Picture of God, which uses the apple to explore the Trinity.

While we may never come to fully understand the complexities and incredible mystery of the Trinity, what we do know, without a doubt, that God is love; First, Last, and Always.

A Message from our Chaplain, Mrs. Beliveau

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Online learning is so much fun!

Registrations for next year!

Although we currently are not in school at this time, we are still moving forward and planning for the 2020-2021 school year. We are taking new registrations at this time so please encourage your friends, family and neighbours to register through our division website

If you know that your child will not be attending Jean Vanier next year, we would ask that you call the school office (780-467-3633) and leave a message informing of your intentions.

Thank you!

EICS Transportation Fees Flexible Payment Plan Options - Spring 2020

We realize that it may seem confusing as to why we are sending out invoices about next September when so many things in our province are not finalized during this pandemic.

In order to start planning routes and schedules moving forward - EICS Transportation needs to have concrete numbers of students and addresses to start planning the routes and pick up/drop off stops for our EICS bus riders.

With respect to specific concerns about transportation fees and the payment plan, EICS has provided two options: 1. June 15 to December 15, or 2. September 15 to March 15. Once the plan has been set up, your child will be assigned to the bus.

As well, if you have school fees that have been credited for programming and other options for this school year that you would like applied to EICS transportation fees, you can request this by contacting the school directly. The school will confirm that all resources have been returned prior to granting the request.

Below, we have included some easy steps that parents can take to access transportation fees and specifically the payment plan. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact EICS transportation at​ or by calling (780) 449-6480. We want to thank you for continued patience and understanding as we move through this together.

1. Log onto the EICS PowerSchool Portal at ​

2. In the Navigation toolbar, select “Student Fees”


3. Applicable fees for your child(ren) will show up and the pre-payment plan for Transportation will have two options: Option One which has payments from June until December and Option Two which has payments from September until March.


EICS Transportation Payment Plan - Fees Guide

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Online Learning Protocol

Dear Parent or Guardian, and Students

Please be aware that any videos, pictures or other instructional content shared with you are for instructional purposes only within your home and your child. These are not to be re-shared to other platforms or individuals.Your cooperation with regards to this is much appreciated!

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Family Wellness Newsletter

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4/8/12 Celebration

Dear Grades 4, 8 and 12 Ukrainian Bilingual Students and Families,

We hope everyone is keeping well and staying healthy!

The 4/8/12 Committee has some EXCITING NEWS! We felt it was very important for students to be celebrated and recognized for their achievements in the Ukrainian Bilingual programtherefore there will still be a 4/8/12 Celebration on Monday, June 15, 2020!

*** Invitations with further details will be sent by email this afternoon. ***

4/8/12 Committee

Register Now - Ukrainian Bilingual KINDERGARTEN

CALLING ALL PARENTS - if you have a child who will be 5 years old on or before December 31st, REGISTER NOW for the Ukrainian Bilingual Kindergarten program next year!

Click on these links for more information:

Please share and spread the word to family, friends and the community!

Thanks for your support!

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We are now accepting registrations for the 2020/2021 school year! We are an English based program with some Ukrainian fun! Program is for 4 year old's and will be based out of Jean Vanier Catholic School in Sherwood Park. To obtain registration forms or if you have any questions, please contact Clayton Starko directly at (587) 336-2098 or

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish is open!

If you would like to sign up for mass please go to

You can also see the livestream of masses on our website or social media pages.

If you would like to know what mass would look like, and what is going on in our church for the month of June, here is a video!

Our church is also doing videos to answer yours, and your child's questions called "Cuppa Joe with JC". Here is our last one:

Lastly do not forget that "Formed" is available to you.

-Click "Register" and enter your name, email address, and desired password.

-This site has resources for books, podcasts and movies for all ages!

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June Update
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St. Sophia's Parish Website

St Sophia's is reopening and will being this process by allowing parish members to attend mass. Parishioners will need to sign up by sending an email. Please see last week's bulletin with more information.

Jean Vanier Catholic School

To contact any of our staff members via email, on our website under the "Contact" tab, is a contact form that you can fill out. Select the staff member from the dropdown box you wish to contact, fill in your name, your email address, your message and hit send. Staff will receive emails and respond within 24-48 hours. Thank-you.

JV Mission & Vision Statements

Mission statement: We are a Catholic Community committed to developing educational opportunities in the context of the Gospel Values. A place where students' gifts and talents are celebrated and nurtured through lifelong spiritual and personal experiences.

Vision Statement: inspiring a faith-filled learner with a spirit for knowledge, risk-taking & exploration on their lifelong learning journey. Impart God’s teachings through respect, empathy, love and compassion for others.