Stores in Grapevine Mills

Retailing on the Internet

Adidas- Specialty Store

Adidas is able to attract customers by advertising a healthy lifestyle associated with their brand. They also claim that their products will increase sports performance.

Adidas can cross-sell by arranging similar items next to each other. For example all of the shoes are located in one area.

Adidas can up-sale by advertising items on sale to grab peoples attention but placing the ugly cheap clothes next to more expensive items.

Nike Factory Store- Specialty Store

Nike can attract customers with celebrity endorsements and the promise of increased performance with the use of their product and a promise of cheaper prices.

Nike can cross-sell by showing related products when a customer searches for something on the website.

Nike can up-sale by advertising inexpensive products while modeling the expensive products on the manikins. Nike also tries to convince the consumer that without the more expensive product, they wont be as good an athlete.

Sunglasses Hut International- Specialty store

The sunglasses attracts customers by offering high end products.

The Sunglasses Hut can cross-sell by showing the customer accessories that go with the sunglasses that they want to buy.

The Sunglasses Hut can up-sell by convincing the customer that he or she should opt for the nicer option because it will be better for them in the long run.

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Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse- specialty store

They attract customers with large sale signs and promises of sales.

Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse can cross-sale by offering things such as sock to go along with a shoe purchase.

They can up-sale by steering the customer to a better quality and more expensive shoe option.

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Five Below- Discount Store

Five Below attracts customers by advertising low prices with the promise that everything in the store is under five dollars.

They can cross-sell by offering a wide variety of products that could be bought together without spending very much.

Five Below can up-sale with the idea that its only five dollars, you might as well get another.

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