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September 6, 2019

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Thoughts on the Week

For the record, having a hurt back stinks. Like REALLY stinks. You can't focus on what you need to be paying attention to because you back is throbbing, and sometimes the tops of your legs too, is at times impossible. Getting up to get something is a project--a painful one. This week's experience reminded me of the "hurt back" that many of our kids live with daily and have to persevere through to access their education. They may not have physical pain, like I battled this week, but they have mental pain that they are working though so they can be at school and be able to learn. It was hard for me, an adult, to focus at meetings, get around the building, and be present during the day. I can imagine that this might be how many of our kids feel as they deal with all the things that we know our kids are dealing with outside of school. For me, my back is feeling better....but for our kids, it might not be as quick to ease their pain. I'm going to take this week of lower back annoyance to gain some perspective of how some of our kids feel and fill up my empathy bucket so I can use it to fill their buckets on days that I'm sure will come in the future.

PLC Work

Great job to all grade levels on or first week focusing on standards. Our discussions really helped us identify areas that we can go deeper with our kids to get to the hear of grade level expectations. Next week we will focus on planning to put into practice what we discussed in improving our implementation of our focus monthly standard. Please check in with your grade level/subject level's lead for this month to ensure that you have what you need for planning next Tuesday and Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to another great meeting with excellent productivity to help us continue to improve our instructional delivery.

Formal Observations and Coaching Visits

Formal Observations will start next week. We will start with unannounced observations that focus on instruction and environment. For non tenured teachers, you will have an unannounced observation and an announced observation that will focus on planning and instruction this semester. The announced observation will be scheduled and you will be invited to a pre-conference, the observation, and a post-conference. For teachers who have a 5 rating, you will be evaluated once this semester and we will focus on instruction, planning, and environment. You will need to turn in your plans after the lesson is over so we can discuss them at your post-conference. If you have any questions as we move into formal observations please ask. Shasta is here as a recourse as well as Leigh Anne and I to help.

We will have coaching visits monthly for non evaluative feedback from either Shasta, Leigh Anne, or myself. To make things manageable this year, our goal is just one visit a month. I think that is the minimum that we will be able to manage this year. We will focus on giving you feedback on the standard work that we are doing this year. We will be looking for evidence of the lesson/activity is supporting a grade level standard, how students are taking ownership of the standard/their own learning, and how the standard is presented in the classroom. The coaching visit will last 10 to 15 minutes and within the next day or two the person who conducted the visit will meet with you to give non evaluative feedback with the goal of helping you continue to improve with our standards work. One difference we'd like to try this as we roll out coaching visits this month is to not schedule them with you and making them unannounced. One reason for this is to NOT cause you heart attacks, but with Mr. Stokely being out for at least the next 3 weeks we need to have some flexibility in our schedule so we can support behavior needs in the building with one person from our team out. Once he returns and we have more hands on deck we can begin to schedule things with more certainty.

Team Member OUT

As many of you know Mr. Stokely will be out for several weeks due to some work on his knee. During that time we will be down a mainstay of the behavior team. For that reason response times will be as fast as we can get to you. With the start of observations and PLC meetings we will likely have at minimum two people to support for tier calls. It is imperative that you continue to address lower level incidents in your classroom as proactively as possible. Please utilize the lion's den before you call for a tier 1 support. We have some friends in the building that are monopolizing a great deal of our behavior teams' time. We are continuing to work with those students to help them be more regulated so we can be available for all students.

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  • Be sure to register all absences in both skyward and SFE if you need a sub as soon as you know that you will be out. We need a fighting chance to get a sub and won't have a chance to get a sub if you wait to the last minute. Sudden sicknesses can't be helped, but all other absences--like known doctor's appointments--can be plugged in in advance.
  • A Boy Scout representative will be visiting classrooms for about 2 minutes to speak to students from 10:30- 11:45 ish on Monday. We will give them a schedule so they get to classes before they are in lunch. The Boy Scout rep will knock on your door and speak to your class quickly regarding this opportunity.
  • There is no faculty meeting on Monday, September 9th in order to provide time for parent teacher conferences that evening. Please remember that you have the option to complete three hours of after school parent/family conferences during the week of Parent Teacher Conferences and then a half day of conferences on the scheduled day of Friday September, 13, 2019. in exchange for the afternoon on Friday. Please be sure to enter your conference schedule on the sheet sent to you from Kathy earlier this week.

Be kind to your local Cafeteria Worker!

Positive transcribing vibes are going out to our fabulous cafeteria team who will be reentering all food transactions for the month of August for all of our students. They will be in on the weekend and working late hours next week to ensure that they meet the goal of next Friday to get the platform up to date manually. This is not fun work that they must do for district records. We appreciate you all ladies and are sorry you have to do this work. May the work be faster than you anticipate!

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