Technology & Making in Kindergarten

Presented by Josh Allen & Kayla Nightser

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The apps below are examples that focus on academic skills that are important to students as they enter school: letter identification and sounds, number recognition, counting, etc. Farther down the page you will find links to a variety of different books that provide children with quality reading examples. Under the "Make Something!" section you will find apps for your child to create videos or books that combine academic skills with the world around them. Towards the end of this page, you will find a link to resources related to child behaviors from a presentation done by Mrs. Avila, Kreft Counselor. While far from a complete list, but these apps are examples if you are looking for something different to download or purchase.

While I strongly agree with limiting the amount of screen time children have, I also believe that not all screen time is created equal. Mindlessly watching videos on any screen is very different from touching and interacting with apps. The apps below provide opportunities to for children to interact with numbers, letters and/or words, providing stimulation for their brains and practice for their hand/eye coordination.

Skills that help students transition into kindergarten

  • Categorizing items
  • Counting
  • Letter identification
  • Letter and phonemic awareness
  • Letter sounds
  • Manipulate and segment sounds
  • Number recognition
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Free App Suggestions

Similar apps by the same company (mix of free and paid)

Paid App Suggestions

Android version (has in-app purchases)
Android version (has in-app purchases)

Other Sesame Street apps (mix of lite, free and paid):

Android version (has in-app purchases)
Android version (has in-app purchases)
All Originator apps

Android version (has in-app purchases)

Book Apps

Oceanhouse Media in the Google Play Store
Loud Crow Interactive on the Google Play Store

Make something!

Behavior App Resources from Skyler Avila

Click on the blue button above to view the Kreft Counselor's Twitter account and click on the link below to see apps she shared at a past parent training.

Other Resources

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