Chayse Enriquez

Oxford, UK

Getting There

On Saturday, July 5th Theo and I will be departing from DIA at 12:34 pm on a Brtish Airways plane to Oxford, UK. We'll arrive in Oxford at around 6:50 am on Sunday, July 6th after our long ll hour and 15 minute flight. From then we will take a taxi to our car rental service and pick up our car. The total roundtrip cost will be $6,416. Our car rental will cost about $780.


Where To Stay

Sunday, July 6th, 8pm

Abingdon Rd

Theo and I will stay at the Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel for 15 nights and 16 days. This hotel has a pool, a gym and a spa. There's also free Wifi (:. We can walk around their 40 acres of stunning parkland or walk to the Historic Quarter in less than 15 minutes. Our whole stay at this beautiful hotel will cost around $3,076.!e.ZzZz.3380000000967.0.17250100692.expedia.expedia&k_user_id=5f206f2f-d001-1589-b2cf-0000328c06f5&gclid=CLvKgsrV0b0CFewRMwodCGYAow


Some of the many fun activities we'll enjoy are watch a show at the Sheldonian Theatre on the 8th, take a carriage ride around town on the 11th and visit the Malmasion Castle on the 14th. Oxford is a town full of beautiful and historical architecture so Theo and I will most likely just walk around and look at all the amazing buildings.


I wanted to pick a vacation spot that was relaxing and interesting and I'm confident Oxford is a smart choice. Oxford has a lot to offer such as beautiful architecture, historical sites, plenty of stunning nature and everywhere we go is a place to learn about oxfords fascinating history. I also like the fact that traveling in the UK is somewhat inexpensive and easy. I'm very excited for this trip. ~(^0^~)