career investigation

by : Landon Fuson

Career Cluster

- A career cluster is a group of jobs and industries that are related by skills or products.

- A doctor or surgeon is in the Health Informatics cluster.


- I am going to be a doctor or surgeon.

- they make about 265,000 dollars a year.

- about 18%



Define the occupation

a surgeon basically when he gets called into a room to do surgery he has to do it and then write down the patients stats on a notepad.
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Job requirements

- bachelors degree

- masters degree

- doctorate degree

Community/Junior collage

- I will be going to TCU and it is in Texas (Texas Christians university)

- yearly tuition - 50,904

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public univerctity

- the collage I pick for my public university Is UNT (university or north Texas)

- yearly tuition 24,000

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Private university

- ETBU (East Texas Baptist university)

- yearly tuition - 30,666

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- I will try to be hired as a surgeon

- 265,000 paycheck

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