Point of View

Excelsior Springs, Missouri


Grace. Undeserved goodwill towards others.

"There will be times when we fall and don't want to get up. It is in THOSE moments when grace is especially potent. We need that grace! Each of us do. "There have been times I felt beyond overwhelmed. One day, I felt like I couldn't take the stress any longer I apologized for not pulling my weight on a school project and shared my plans to take some months off from school to catch my breath. My colleague said, "Nonsense. There is no way you are dropping out of this class. We've got you. We will pull together, and we'll all get through this together." Grace did that! I felt a surge of rejuvenation and I jumped right back into my schoolwork with renewed vigor. I also figured out a better way to manage my time that allowed me to effectively manage school, work and travel simultaneously. So, the key question in all of this is... Who will YOU extend grace to today?" Bryan Williams, Motivational Speaker

Week of November 2nd - Recovery Phase 2, Step 2

CCPHC Order - Masks are required indoors until further notice.

Sunday - Wellness Café Opens at Community Center & Lane of Lights set up begins

Monday, 6PM - City Council

Tuesday - Election Day; 11AM - Community of Excellence Webinar

Council Actions

Upcoming Council Agenda includes: Consideration of
  • Police Vehicle Purchase, [FUNDING: Insurance Proceeds/PSST] WHY? Police Vehicle was totaled by insurance company after it was rammed by another car;
  • Energy Services Agreement with Navitas [FUNDING: CARES/FEMA] WHY? Install Bi-Polar Ionization Devices in city buildings to kill airborne viruses to protect occupants from illness;
  • Preliminary/Final Plat of Lynn Park will enable developer to build 24 market rate residential rental units on Tiger Drive;
  • MARC HHHW Agreement [FUNDING: Refuse Rates] WHY? to provide resource for residents to safely dispose of Household Hazardous Waste in Excelsior Springs or other sites in KC;
  • Water Meter Testing Fees provides an avenue for utility customers to hire a 3rd party resource to test accuracy of their water meter & City will reimburse the cost to conduct the test, overbilling when meter is found to be faulty; and Appropriations.

Worthy of Mention

Preparations are underway for bad weather. Salt & sand supplies have been received; new staff members have been learning the routes, so you may have noticed our trucks are out in your neighborhoods.

Key Project Updates

  • Park/Recreation Board has prioritized activities proposed for Department & is getting ready to begin the community engagement portion of this 5-Year Strategic Planning process;
  • Police new RSM software is capable to process the mandated transition to new format for the reporting of crime statistics to national database;
  • Hall of Waters (H/W) Architect selection process submitted to Saving America's Treasures (SAT) grant agency for approval before requesting council approval, could take 30 days to proceed;
  • H/W featured in video produced for Missouri Preservation to illustrate the proposed improvements to be made with SAT funding, video is on city's website;
  • H/W enjoys 17% reduction in energy usage after installing LEDs, savings equal to $10,000 over last 2 years [FUNDING: GF];
  • Staff asks Planning & Zoning to provides direction for revision of "chicken" ordinance following requests to have chickens in residential areas; the Commission determined the current ordinance is appropriate as is, chickens should continued to be allowed on residential properties of 10 acres or more.
  • UTV usage goes into effect, licensing can begin next week.

Choose Your Attitude!

Remember when we had so much fun! "We went on the tour on November 9th! It was a blast! From the brunch and wine pairings at Willow Spring Mercantile, to the three wineries on the tour... everything was delicious. We lucked out with a beautiful day and a great driver. Thirty people were on the tour and everything ran incredibly smoothly. Four Horses and a Dog Winery, Van Till Family Winery and Fence Stiles Winery each had something unique to offer. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!" Sandi from Independence wrote on Trip Advisor, Nov. 2019