Tragedy at Ruby Pier

Noah Gagnon

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Eddie "Maintenance" age 83.

About Eddie

Eddie "Maintenance", 83, had died in a tragic accident at Ruby Pier. Eddie was known as Eddie "Maintenance" at Ruby Pier where he worked most of his life after his time in the service. He worked on all the rides and rode them every day to make sure they were safe for the children. Eddie would bring a kid on the ride by letting them cut the line, and ride with him as he examined the ride. Eddie was loved by the kid and that's where his name Eddie "Maintenance" came from. Children would read his name tag that had his position (maintenance) and believed that was his name. Eddie kept pipe cleaners in his his work jump suit and made animals for any children that asked. Up until the day he died Eddie was like every ones grandfather at Ruby Pier. In his early life Eddie worked at Ruby Pier before he departed for the army. This is where Eddie met his wife Marguerite, who in his eyes, was the most beautiful woman ever. Eddie served in the army where he was capture and was a prisoner in the Philippines. Eddie and his squadron all escaped when Eddie distracted the guards and they got out. During the escape Eddie got shot in the leg, right near the knee causing him to be discharged and to have problems until his final day.

The Accident

The cause of Eddie''s death was an accident. One of the rides called " Freddie's Free Fall" malfunctioned and cause a cable to snap. The cart began to start falling and a little girl was beneath it. Eddie saw that, and instinctively ran and pushed the girl into safety. The cart crushed Eddie, and this moment become Eddie's ultimatum. One of Eddie's co-workers were asked about Eddie and his life and all he said, " He loved his wife." (Albom,145).


A service will be held for Eddie next week on Friday Anyone that knew him or wants to pay their respects to the war hero may come.

In loving Memory Of Eddie

1920-2003. Rest in Peace.

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